Monday, January 19, 2009

Daily Draw - The Lovers (Robin Wood - Full Frontal Nudity)

So, today I did my daily draw backwards, at least for me. I asked for a card to help me make sense of the day, and what I got was The Lovers. I am not sure why I chose the Robin Wood deck, except that it shuffles so sweet, and while I was rummaging around in the tarot box it seemed to want to be held.

Today, I feel rather strongly that this card is not talking so much about a love connection, because my romantic life is such a hot mess I could never subject any of you to reading about it, but more about choices. I believe I am on the cusp pf something at work, though what exactly, I don't know, and that is okay. Not knowing all the answers is exciting. I have been working very hard on bringing about a positive and profitable environment through my own intention, by consciously trying to create a good environment to work in. I think that this card is urging me to continue to choose the greater good, continue to choose to create my own reality, continue to choose to do the right thing.

I am also making a very conscious effort to try to just let love, for people, and the compassion that goes along with it, to rule my life. The couple here looks exceedingly happy, and letting love rule is part of my path to being as content, as satisfied, as joyful as they seem to be.

Oh, and an update on my Little Big Man and his bully situation - so far so good! We had the child over for some games and snacks, and a good time was had by all. Hopefully a good enough time that a true friendship has begun. Thank you to everyone for the encouraging words and good thoughts!

This card is from the Robin Wood tarot.


  1. What a lovely rendition of the lovers! I think this card illustrates very clearly to me the reconciliation of opposites whether that be with another person or within one's self.

    I love that it is shown with one of them holding the sun and the other the moon and above them the light of the higherself. Here we also see the masculine and femine energy at work and the figures could also represent for you the conscious (masculine) and unconscious(feminine) and how combining them with the higherself will help create a clearer picture to make that choice in any type of relationship, and that could relate to your work situation......

    Again I do not have this deck, but I have heard a lot of people talk about how nice it is, maybe I should consider getting it......

  2. I wanted to add a bit about its number, its a 6 and in the tarot sequence this very often represents harmony, respite especially after the 5's!

    6 comes in the middle of 3 & 9 the first and last stages of completion and as it rests in the middle it is influenced by what has gone before and what is yet to come! So a six can signify for us harmony, communication, realisation and balance, 6's often help us to stop and appreciate the good things that are in our life - it can be a number that leans towards positive changes.

    I think that's more than enough from me lol - but I was so taken with this card and liked how you interpreted it for yourself.

  3. I think it is a beautiful card, too. The whole deck is done in these gorgeous colors. You did a great job articulating the energy of the card!

  4. I am not a fan of the robin wood. However I think how you told about the lovers card was great. Going for the greater good for yourself is always positive.

  5. I love the Robin Wood....was the first deck I was able to read with. But I also love your interpretation of it here.

  6. Sheery - Not everyone loves all decks. For example, I do not LOVE the VR, but everyone else seems to. It just mumbles at me. Good thing we have so much choice now, isn't it? *grin* Admittedly, these Lovers make me blush, though.

    Roxanne/faunabay- I do not really love the images, but it sure does read vrey easily for me. That must be part of why it is so popular!