Thursday, April 14, 2011

Daily Draw - Ace of Bows, Ace of Vessels, The Woodward

Working today with the Wildwood Tarot by illustrator Will Worthington of Druidcraft fame.  My personal feeling is that every tarot reader needs a copy of the Druidcraft Tarot as much or more than a Waite Smith or a Thoth, so I was eager enough to try this new offering I ordered it from The Book Depository in the UK, where it has already been released.  There are a couple polarizing issues with this deck that I will discuss in the forthcoming review, but I think it is a lovely spring deck to use, although Colorado does not believe it is spring today, much to my chagrin.

 The pink tinge is wonky scanner, soon to be replaced, so apologies for that.

I had to laugh when I saw these cards, and though I usually lay my cards in a line, they seemed to want to be a triangle today, and who I am I to argue with the cards?  That made more sense as I read the entry in the book for the Woodward, also known as Strength in a traditionally named deck.  His position in the Wheel of the Year stands at Lammas, which falls at the waning of summer, balanced between the elements of Fire and Water, according to Mark Ryan, author of the companion book, and I suppose one would have to have the fine touch of Strength to balance successfully between those opposing elements.

While shuffling, I asked for some cards I could share on this blog, because the two sets I drew before these cards this morning were relevant and accurate, but way too personal to share here, which is saying a lot as I do not have a lot of boundaries with my writing, and this is what they gave me.  I see here in the two Aces the very beginning of something passionate and loving, which makes sense as I am now a Missus, to an unbelievably amazing Mister.  What I see in the Woodward card is the culmination of the careful balancing of the first two cards, chalice in his hand, bow strapped to his back.  The lynx at his side has no need to be subdued, and he wears a lynx cloak as well, symbolic of his oneness with the creature.  In America, we call lynxes bobcats, and they are silent watchers.  They are cats closely associated with psychic powers.  In an animal based deck, I would expect to see the lynx as the High Priestess, the guardian of secrets and knowledge, knowing when to hold the tongue and when to let secrets spill.  These cards speak to the need to let love flow, to let inspiration flow, in order to effectively use the kinds of powers the lynx and his master promise.

These cards are from The Wildwood Tarot by Will Worthington and Mark Ryan.


  1. I looked at this deck Amanda, because as you know I love the Druid Craft, but I've talked myself out of it - maybe I need to talk myself into it again.

    I find it strange that they attributed the Fire element to bows and arrows, because they fly through the air, what is air in this deck? I think your interpretation is lovely btw!

  2. Opps forget to subscribe to comments, so here I go! :)

  3. Well, Arrows are Air, and Bows are Fire. This Ace just shows both. Thanks for stopping by! I have a few more posts with this deck queued up :-)