Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Daily Draw - Three of Swords, Magician, Knight of Swords

Watcher Angel Tarot- Three of Swords, Magician, Knight of Swords

The words that come to mind as I look over today's cards are "Synthesis of pain", which is a theme I have been seeing, possibly experiencing, quite a bit lately.

One of my 16 year old boys is a music aficionado, loves all of it, and is currently a little bit obsessed with Adele.  We had a deep discussion a couple weeks ago about the strength of her music, the power of the lyrics she has written.  The conclusion we reached was that her pain is so palpable, so immediate in these songs, that they draw you in, because we have all been heartbroken.  The beauty of the situation is that she has taken this pain deeply into the core of who she is, experienced it fully, and tempered it into a thing of great and terrible beauty.  Now it is no longer a part of her, and that is a triumphant story.

The Three of Swords is Sorrow, it is the pain we all feel from time to time, through our own fault or through none of it.  Pain is an equal opportunity emotion.  My understanding of The Magician leads me to see him as someone who has tools for changing reality at his disposal.  In this incarnation, he is Armaros, the Enochian angel who teaches the loosening of enchantments.  Pain and sorrow can be such exquisite bindings, but adopting Armaros' meditation practice, his acceptance of where he is while refusing to stay there if it does not suit him, can transform our pain until we are The Philosopher, here portrayed as the Knight of Swords, same suit as the source of the pain, but matured, tempered, and no longer jagged.  In the guidebook, Michelle Belanger describes The Magician as the card of faking it until you make it.  There are times in life when if we can just plaster a smile on our face for a few minutes, we may forget our great sorrow for those minutes, and that is an invaluable gift we can give ourselves in the midst of difficult times.  We can see this in the Knight of Swords card, the warrior whose battlefield is of the mind.  All warriors are intense, and this one is no different, with his penetrating gaze and fierce intelligence.  A Sword is a weapon that can hack and slash, or cut a very fine line.  The difference is in the intent and skill of the wielder.  Through careful management of how we view our circumstances, we can encourage maturation, and learn to grieve without losing ourselves in the grief.

Watcher Angel Tarot- The Fool
The shadow card of the reading is The Fool, portrayed as a wingless Shemyaza, who is the counterpart to Armaros, and his presence here indicates that the synthesis of pain is a vital part of the journey.  I can't learn to fly on my own, or to treasure it, if I never lose my wings.  he is willing to take the leap, and as something I need to know about this reading that I am trying to not see, the card speaks to the need to be willing to feel that pain, so that I can grow.

I had a specific question as I laid these cards, which was that I would like to know what to expect from my guest appearance on an internet radio show later today.  I do not see myself having this kind of process on air, though it certainly is possible.  I am as healed as the people I read for, at times.  My intuition, though, feels that I may be able to assist another person with these words today, and I am grateful for that.

At 5pm Mountain time today I will be a guest on Inner Voice Intuitive Hour with Jenny Sieck, giving readings and talking intuition.  Listen live, or in archive anytime.

These cards are from Watcher Angel Tarot by Michelle Belanger and Jackie Williams, self published at Spiral Fire Studio.

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