Wednesday, March 18, 2009

PDR - Light and Shadows Spread

I have done the Light and Shadows spread, like so many of the others in the PDR group over at AT using my beloved, quirky-creepy Deviant Moon tarot.


1. Significator
2. The Light (the light card will be placed to the left or the right, depending on which way the significator is facing)
3. How you sometimes move into the shadow
4. The Shadow
5. How you can move further into the light.

I have to admit to being completely confuzzled by my cards.

Okay, I did not pick a Significator, letting the deck choose for me, which was the Two of Swords. These Siamese twins are locked in battle, which is fruitless, because they can't get away from each other and their energy would be better suited to cooperation than fighting. I can relate to this card because so many times I feel torn by what I should do, and what I need to do, and what I want to do, and sometimes they get so tangled up and I get so confused that I just do nothing, which is not the proper way to live life. Perfectionism is itself a form of procrastination because if you put off doing things because it won't be perfect you will never get anything done, because life by it's very nature is never perfect.

The Light - The Wheel of Fortune. The querent in this card looks absolutely terrified about what is about to happen when the Wheel spins. I think we can all be that way, and myself especially. I have not been diagnosed, but I probably have a mild case of OCD. It is very important for me to have my days structured the same, my things in the same spot and that I plan well in advance for deviations from that structure. I am definitely not an impulsive type. My personal shadow card is The Tower, but I think that I need to start understanding that changes are good, they are part of growth, and that it is all part of a master plan that I can trust in.

How you sometimes move into Shadow - Two of Pentacles. This image was not hard for me to interpret at all! I often take on too many projects, for work, home, school, the kids, art, friends, family, and I get overwhelmed and then I just give up on all of it. I end up juggling so many things, and not really doing any of them properly and out of sheer frustration I just let some of them go. If I would properly concentrate on the few that are most important to me, I would have more peace in my life.

The Shadow - Ten of Cups. Now I am starting to get confused with the spread. I often associate this card with my kids as it portrays a happy family. I think we are a happy family, but it could be that this card warns me to juggle my family less and the other things more. These are the only munchkins I am ever going to have, and although it is sad for all of us that our family did not end up the way we thought it would we still ARE a family that loves each other to pieces. Sometimes I still get lost in sadness that I am no longer a stay at home mom, wife to a loving husband, or beloved in law. Those labels are part of my past, and maybe someday part of my future, but they are not who I am now, and I mourn that fact.

How you can move further into the light - Four of Pentacles. Now, this is not a very reassuring image. A skeletal woman leads a rich man away as he clutches his coins to his chest, looking over his shoulder in terror. What could be so scary behind him that this gruesome figure is a preferable alternative? Being careful with my money is going to be a good way to be assured that I can take care of my kids, make them the number one priority, and still be able to pursue my dreams. There are many good things in the world, but sometimes we have to give up good things for the BEST things.

After my gilt readings with my Touchstone, I was probably due for some blunt truth. None of this surprises me, but I obviously still have lessons to learn here. Getting over my hesitancy to change will probably be a lifelong struggle, and balancing love and money is one we all go through daily.

These images are from the Deviant Moon by Patrick Valenza for US Games.


  1. great reading, manda! i need to try this spread too... x

  2. Mandy, sometimes the 10 of cups can be complacency, taking things for granted, making assumptions based on the past or hope rather than current facts, when we are looking for shadow meanings.

  3. Thanks, Lisa! I will look forward to seeing yours if you choose to share!

    Sharyn - thanks for the extra insight! I thought I was addressing those issues when I spoke of the way our family WAS rather than the way it IS today. What you mentioned about taking things for granted really resonated with me, too.

  4. Manda, Great reading, thanks for sharing! When I saw the 10 of Cups as your Shadow, my initial thoughts were similar. The 10 of Cups is a card that shows the ideal and the perfect. Life never turns out perfect. Maybe it is a signal that you are being to rough on yourself and allows you to enjoy what you have. Just my 2 cents. btw . . . Love the Deviant Moon. . . You made me get it out again! Sucker never stays in storage too long!

  5. Thanks for your thoughts, Onyx! I probably do have a touch of woman's disease, where we think we are responsible for everything and come down hard on ourselves.

    I have a ton of gorgeous decks that deserve attention, but for some reason I am always using the DM. Can't get away from it!

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