Thursday, November 10, 2011

Daily Draw - Sun, Hermit, Eight of Swords

Crystal Visions Tarot- Sun, Hermit, Eight of Swords

These cards today are a reflection of how I feel about my Hermit week.  The Sun and The Hermit are facing away from each other, somewhat at odds with each other.  The Sun is a bright and merry card, and while The Hermit may feel a deep serenity, merry is not a word to describe her.  I think how many times I put on a happy face, for my kids, for the people around me, so they don't see me in what I perceive as my weakness, and for my kids because I think a positive mom has a lot of power in their lives.  I fake it til I make it sometimes, which can be good advice, but is not universal.  Sometimes we need to just feel what we feel, and not put on an overly sweet face when we feel like hell on wheels.  So, the Hermit is facing away from The Sun, and perhaps is offering her wisdom to the bound lady in the Eight of Swords.  Miss Thang in there can't figure out how to loose her bonds, but if she listens to the sage Hermit she may yet have a chance to bust free.  In some situations it is best to just admit we don't have the answers, to not be fakely optimistic, and to just take the help anywhere we can get it.  Knowing who to ask for help, and how to graciously accept it, can be a kind of wisdom all on its' own.

Crystal Visions Tarot- Death
The shadow card of the day is Death.  Because everything is better in Latin, the stone is inscribed- "VITA MUTATAR NON TOLLITUR", which for us plebes translates to, "Life is changed, not taken away."

As the piece of information I least want to deal with in this reading, I take that to be a gentle reminder to roll with the punches, even those I think I don't like, because sometimes the only choice we have in a given situation is how much grace and aplomb we show in it.

These cards are from Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso for U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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