Thursday, July 8, 2010

Love Reading - Cards Pulled July 6, 2010

This reading concerns my love life.  There seems to be a trend in tarot, or maybe it is just the circle I hang around with, to poo poo these kinds of questions.  I am not a fan of that thinking.  What matters more than love?  Of course we should be able to bring our concerns, thoughts, and questions, to the beloved, but that is not always practical, or easy.  My particular question on this day was, "Please tell me about love and my desire to have it in my life."  The first set of cards is The Situation, the second The Obstacle, the third The Solution.

The Situation - Nine of Pentacles, the High Priestess, Five of Cups.

There I am, all Nine of Pentacles content, me alone in the world, taking care of myself, and mostly happy to be doing so.  She can be haughty and proud, maybe a little cool, at times.  The High Priestess card shows how deeply introverted I can be, as well, how much time I spend lost in my own thoughts, my own world, and how little I generally let others into it.  The High Priestess also has an aspect of guarding to her, of either keeping something in or out.  The Five of Cups shows my discontent with the situation as it is.

The cards combine beautifully.with the figure in the Nine of Pentacles reclined gracefully, cupped by the outer edge of the moon in the High Priestess card.  This demonstrates my independence and that it is okay to be that way.  The Five of Cups shows that sometimes I see that independence as loneliness.  Mostly, I am okay being alone, and being alone does not necessarily equate to loneliness, but sometimes it does.  I believe this combination of cards shows me as okay with being alone, but wanting to not always have to be.

The Obstacle - Ace of Pentacles, King of Wands, The Magician.

This card combination is the most chaotic bunch,, the most discordant, which makes sense, it being the set that the issues and problems are based in.

The Ace of Pentacles, badly aspected as this one is, shows a lack of belief in the abundance of the world.  I often believe that yes, all the good ones are gone, and I have to admit that I often feel that I am single because there is something wrong with me, and that people I may potential date are single for the same reason.  This is not my only belief, but it is one of them.

The King of Wands is bold, and passionate, and mostly I am scared to be that way.  I am afraid, which is the antithesis of what the King of Wands represents.  Lack of King of Wands characteristics is a big part of my problem.  Confidence, charisma, charm, and self assurance would all go far towards solving my issues.

The Magician here represents my self doubt, and that I seem to be waiting for good things to come to me, rather than drawing them to myself, both in thoughts and actions.  I have to think positively, and I also have to do things.  The love of my life is nowhere in my novels or my bathtub, which seems to be where I spend the bulk of my free time.

The Solution - Justice, Knight of Swords, The Sun.

Justice speaks to me of balance, and karma.  The Knight of Swords is further a seeker of truth, and a man of action.  The Sun is positive, always a positive, energetic presence  in my readings.

The combination of these cards advise me to be very careful about my thoughts and actions, to be sure that they are serving my highest truths, and that I am careful with other people's feelings as I expect them to be with mine.  I have not always been so in the past, and though I have made a lot of effort towards correcting that character flaw, I may still have karma in that area which contributes to my current troubles.  It is also a work in progress kind of thing, where I take one step forward, maybe two back from time to time.

These cards tell me to think positively, to act positively, honorably, and with integrity, too.  They are cards that promise I will have what I seek, if I do these things, and they are immensely comforting to me.

These cards are from the Transparent tarot by Emily Carding for Schiffer Books.


  1. Lovely post, Manda! I agree completely that love is fundamental to us all. And your framing and examination of the question seem very empowering. Others should take a look at what you mean by a love reading before seeing fit to judge it! Good luck with finding the love you deserve :-)

  2. Thank you for the kind words! I try to get my querents, and to remind myself, to phrase questions in a way that gives us power in our own lives. Thank you for stopping by!