Monday, December 19, 2011

Daily Draw - Empress, Two of Wands, King of Swords

Universal Transparent Tarot
This week brings the Universal Transparent Tarot from Lo Scarabeo publishers.  For me, this deck can't be used without acknowledging that Emily Carding's fantastic Transparent Tarot and later Transparent Oracle, published by Schiffer Books, were the first, innovative decks to use the concept of clear cards with images that could be layered.  These decks are simply astounding in use, but I am eager to try some more traditional images as they come together in composite pictures.

Today, I have the nurturing Empress, the mother in the tarot deck, and mother is probably my most important role today.  The kidkins are officially on winter break and I have a house full today!  I think the stern King of Swords on the bottom represents the dentist we will be seeing today.  Although I find him to be a kindly man, and gentle, too, at least one of the kids is terrified of the dentist and is likely to see him as an opposing figure.  I think that child is represented by the dark haired figure in the Two of Wands, with the tooth being held in his hands as he examines it.  Unfortunately, the terrified child seems to have a tooth that has gone bad, and that is always a scary place to be.  The good news I am trying to get him to focus on is that it seems to be a baby tooth, so if it has to go another, healthy tooth should soon appear.  Gladly, it does not seem to be causing him pain at the moment, but I think the fear of pain is a great motivator to him to not be in this position again.  With  the child figure placed between the opposing energies of the soft Empress and the harder King of Swords, I think we can see that he needs both the healthy fear of losing a tooth or going through pain and gentle, consistent reminders to properly care for his teeth.  Some kids only need one, but this child probably needs both, and part of the trick of parenting is figuring out what each individual responds to, and as I take part in raising five individual people I have come to understand that no one thing works for all kids, or for any child throughout their growth.  It's constantly changing, and being a mom requires creativity and willingness to go with the flow, which is probably partly how we come to associate the Empress with creative projects.

Happily, I do not see any tears or pain, and I do think the cards are positive, and point to an experience that will not be as bad as anyone fears.  The Two of Wands gives me the feeling that we will go forth into a new era, one where this child cares for his teeth better and gets his regular check ups without further incident.  And if he doe snot choose to willingly, there I will be, brandishing brush and floss and gently reminding until it becomes a habit.

These cards are from Universal Transparent Tarot by Roberto De Angelis for Lo Scarabeo.

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