Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Daily Draw - The Lovers


This is the kind of love I want for myself, one that grows old and comfortable together, stable, and that never ends. They aren't the young, naked couple from the RWS image anymore, and they aren't locked in the passionate embrace of the Deviant Moon, but they are deeply, contentedly, happily in love, still, after years.

I think this card is a promise to me today, that I will have that. I believe that we choose each deck and each card but our inner knowing does what it's supposed to do, and knows. It's hard for me to admit that I want it, because we are supposed to be okay with being single. We're supposed to put on our big girl panties and walk around like we don't want to have to fold a man's boxers or sleep with the heat turned down. For me to be true to myself, though, I have to admit that, as flawed as my marriage was, I like being a wife. I am at my best when I have someone to care for, someone to cook for, someone whose shoulders I can rub, and someone who babys me for the 15 minutes a month I need that.

While I was shuffling today, I could not decide when to stop. This card fell out. I looked at it and thought, No way, and shoved it back in the deck. There is no way I am dealing with The Lovers today. I still never actually felt the tingle, or whatever tells me to stop shuffling, but I decided enough was enough, and there it was, The Lovers, again. Okay, okay, I get it. If you are a reader of this blog, you know this happens to me fairly frequently, as recently as yesterday. I resist, Spirit continues to gently prod.

For comparison's sake here are the images from the Radiant Rider, my Prozac deck of choice (haha someone at AT called it that today and it made me laugh so hard), and the beloved, dramatic, and above all, passionate Deviant Moon.

These images are from the Anna K tarot, Deviant Moon, and Radiant Rider Waite.

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