Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Daily Draw - Three Of Cups

The Three of Vessels, or Cups, as I call them, appeared for me again today. I think this is the fourth time in the past couple months since I have been blogging that I have got this card as a daily draw. What I think about with this card is being grateful for all the good things that are in my life, and celebrating them with a full heart. So many times it is easy to focus on the bad things that happen to us, the bad things we sometimes cause, even, and we forget that true joy lies in not having what we want, but wanting what we've got (paraphrased from Soak Up The Sun by Sheryl Crow).

I am also going to my first Tarot Meetup this evening, and I am so excited to meet and connect with other people in my area who love tarot. I am so blessed with my little moppets and Brother in my life, and the friends I have online, but I have been feeling the lack of real life friends, not just acquaintances, so I am eager to possibly make some, and putting myself in places I might.

Update: It was a very fun evening, in a funky-cool coffee shop, so there was lots of drinking, and the energy of both the people and place was relaxed and fun. Very Three of Cups-ish! I am so glad I went, even though getting myself out the door can be an ordeal at times. I am not exactly shy, but meeting new people is painful to me at times.

This card is from the Tarot of the Cloisters by Michelle Leavitt for US Games.

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