Sunday, October 21, 2012

Daily Draw- The Hanged Man (The Undead/Vampire)

Ghosts & Spirits Tarot- Hanged Man
Here is one lesson I have learned in life- if it feels awful, looks awful, smells awful, and makes you dread any aspect of your life, it IS awful and you had best get the hell out of Dodge.

Our current culture presents vampires as seductive, sexy, attractive, romantic, sympathetic and friendly, but older lore portrays them as utterly evil detestable creatures with no hope of redemption and no compassion for human suffering.

I have no doubts that psychic vampires exist, and I am trying my level best to not make myself a willing sacrifice for any of them.  If you have any questions about what a psychic vampire is or does, please check out Pip Miller's succinct post about it.  When we continually expose ourselves to people who feed off us, even figuratively, but offer nothing in return, we are being drained, and that can have no happy ending for us.  Not all sacrifice is noble; some of it is just stupid, harsh words but it has to be made clear.

Don't lay your neck bare.  Fight for your life.

This card is from Ghosts & Spirits Tarot by Lisa Hunt, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


  1. These cards are lovely! I've thought about getting them, still on the fence though. I too love the Deviant Moon! They are so fabulous and I can't wait for his other decks to come out.


    1. They are really pretty,and they have suited my October mood perfectly this week. I am currently typing up the review of the deck, with more images, so maybe that will help you decide :-)

      I am crazy about the Deviant Moon, and will absolutely be first in line to get the borderless edition (I cut the borders off one of mine) withthe book, and any other decks Patrick puts out. Love!

      Thank you for stopping by!

  2. I will third the love for Deviant moon cards lol. I love these cards with a passion!

    This is a card that says whatever issue or situation you are looking at, will go no further. It is time to put it on the back burner until you can approach it from a fresh perspective.

    Love your blog!


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