Monday, August 13, 2012

Many Cards, One Message

Mary El Tarot Three of Cups
Messenger Oracle
 These cards came to me on the same day, in two different readings.  The first one, the Three of Cups from the Mary El Tarot, was my answer to the question, "What can I expect from working with this deck?"  I did not understand immediately, as I prefer my cards to have people in them for me to relate to, but after reflection, and a little help from Marie White's companion book, Landscapes of the Abyss, I began to relate the flowing streams as different aspects of myself, all coming from one source, all returning to one source, and in between I have to ride the waves as they come.  When you canoe, you go where the waters will.  For me, I am trying to compartmentalize my tarot work, my creative fiction, and my every day life, but that just can't happen.  They are part of the whole.  I am psychic.  I do write beautiful stories.  I am a busy mom and wife with responsibilities that WILL take up all of every day if I allow them to.  But I am not a whole person when I neglect any of these aspects of myself.

The second card, from the Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan, was in answer to how I can best improve my creative life, and therefore my writing.  I did, in fact, let the emotions flow, as tears came unbidden to my eyes.  The imagery in the cards, with the three flowing streams, the strong presence of green and wooded things, was too similar to be coincidence.  This is my message, there can be no doubt.  As in Marie's card, all good things flow from the Heavens, and in Ravynne's all good things flow from the personal Heaven of having the third eye wide open, and in both cards the waters combine to ultimate healing and wholeness, creation itself.

These decks worked together as if they were made for each other, and my messages have been coming through loud and clear.  Do you ever combine tarot and oracle decks?  This is new to me, as I do not use many oracles, but I am captivated by the art of the Messenger Oracle, and I have been eager to work with the Mary El since I got it.

These decks are available at the usual sources, though if at all possible I encourage you to purchase directly from the artists when you can.  They make more money that way and you get the personal touch.  The Mary El Tarot is by Marie White, published by Schiffer Books.  The Messenger Oracle is by Ravynne Phelan, published by Blue Angel Publishing.