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I have been reading tarot for many years, currently equaling 23.  That makes my relationship with tarot the longest one I have ever (willingly) maintained.  I have studied many hours to learn to read the cards, and I am constantly working on my skills, taking classes, improving my knowledge, and learning new things to share with my readers and clients.  I read and write about tarot daily, and I devour every class and all material I can get my hands on.  Added to that, I am told I am a natural intuitive with deep empathy and I bring all of this to every reading I do.

I am learning astrology and kabbalah, and I work with runes, pendulums, and various oracle decks.

Tarot, both reading and collecting, is the great passion of my life, and I am so blessed to be able to share that with you all here.  My other passions include writing fiction, watching a shameful amount of the BBC, yoga, and cooking vegetarian meals.  I am an assistant organizer of Denver Tarot Meetup and am currently developing a private mentorship program for people who want to go deeper with tarot.

I have a family which includes a amazing husband who has been my best friend for years, five kids ranging in age from 11-17, four cats, one very sweet rescue dog, and an ever fluctuating number of fish.  We live in the suburbs of the Denver Metro Area, pressed right up against the Rocky Mountains, and we love our life here!  I adore my nieces and nephews, and I enjoy fantastic in-laws, including sisters like I never had before.

If I am not actively doing something with tarot, I either have my nose in a book, am at a kids' activity (they do all sports, one is a cheerleader, theater, Boy Scouts, various volunteer work, and are super busy) or laughing with my handsome man.  I am addicted to yoga, long walks, NHL hockey, and football of all levels.  I make a mean banana bread, and I will watch almost anything Bravo tells me to.  Our family loves to play board and video games together, and have, depending on different schedules, table top gaming groups.  My life is all about my husband, my kids, and my clients, and that is exactly how I want it.

If you'd like to get to know me better, message me at 78WhispersTarot at gmail dot com.  If you think I may the tarot reader for you, please visit my Services Offered Page.  I am active at various social media and I would love to hook up there, too!

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