Saturday, November 24, 2012

Daily Draw- King of Swords, The Fool, The World

I had a jumper today.  A jumper is a card that falls out while you are shuffling, and while sometimes it is just clumsy handling of the cards.  This one was pretty insistent, though, so I am adding it!

It's late in the day or me, and I am probably in for the day, although The Man and I are blessed with another night all to ourselves.  We may go out later.  Or we may stay in and go to sleep early.  We have been so busy that we have deeply enjoyed these couple relaxing days.  These cards probably talk about what has already happened, since all that is on my agenda for the evening is writing a couple reviews and reading City Magick by Christopher Penczak in preparation for Tuesday evening's Unearthly Encounters show.  I might make some lotion.  Exciting times.
Tarot of the Tattoo Age- King of Swords, The Fool, The World
While my handsome husband tends to show up as the King of Pentacles in my readings I think in this deck he is the King of Swords, at least while he is standing by, stoic but amused, not saying a word but just observing what goes on.  We went to the Denver Tarot Meetup Saturday Social Today, which is usually full of gentlemen as well as women, but today my man was the only man.  He is also happy to indulge me in my card fancies, but really at these things he is just keeping me company.  What a sweetie!  We met at DB Beanery in Castle Rock, which I was happily surprised to see is owned and run by a former coworker of mine.  I was delighted to see how well she is doing, and I hope she was delighted to see how I have progressed since I left Castle Rock.  That is both The Fool, and The World.  I walked away from that city a sad, broken hearted mess.  I went back today a strong, accomplished woman.

Tarot of the Tattoo Age- Wheel of Fortune
We had a small financial windfall today, always good news, and The Wheel of Fortune kept jumping out today to remind me that the Wheel goes up, but it goes down, too, and doesn't always buy you a drink before giving it to you, either.  I am always happy to see The Wheel of Fortune, as it is a beneficent card, but I am always happy to save a little money, too.  Circumstances beyond our control are keeping us from using that windfall, for the moment, and that is also all of these cards.  In this case, I am the cool King of Swords, pragmatic, and The Man is The Fool.  I am a Taurus, and he is a Sagittarius.  I want to save, he wants to spend.  We see money in totally different ways, and these are big cards for a Daily Draw.  I think that pulling them signifies that we will eventually be glad we (forcibly) saved the money, and they are such big cards I believe that it may make the difference between getting what we really need and want and not.  They are that intense.

Tarot of the Tattoo Age Queen of Swords
The Shadow Card of the reading is The Queen of Swords, which is me being kinda bitchy and raining on my husband's parade, although this one is rather immature looking, because believe me, there are tarot decks and Christmas gifts I really want to buy, some wrongs I want to right, and I am easily swayed by him, so I could have easily backed down from my position.  She is not the strongest Queen of Swords I have ever seen, and neither would I have been today, if The World had not conspired against, or as I rather think we shall see for, us to keep the money safe but untouchable for now.  I don't want to save the money more than I want to see him happy, and honestly, as solicitous as he is to me, he is still going to do what he wants to anyway, and he should.  He is a grown man and I am his wife, not his keeper.  Her appearance, though, shows that the King of Swords cool, thoughtful attitude was the right one to embrace, she being as close as possible to the already being used King to convey that message.

The King of Swords is by artist Tia Janitch.
The Fool is by artist Tim Lehi.
The World is by artist Mike Dorsey.
The Wheel of Fortune is by artist Brian Bruno.
The Queen of Swords is by artist William Thidemann.

These cards are from Tarot of the Tattoo Age, a collaborative project self published by Flaco Productions, LLC.