Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Daily Draw- Queen of Cups, The Emperor, Six of Swords

The Queen of Cups spills the entire cosmos out of her Cup, having held it all back in order to only present a happy face to those around her.  People, likely her family, depend on her, and she tries to oblige, but she has deep and wild feelings all her own, that need to have a safe place to be told.  In her dressing robe, this is her private time, the only place she feels she can really "let it all hang out".  She is turned away from the Emperor, who sits sternly on his hard throne in the soft luxury most likely created by a woman.  He does not want to be gruff, but he doesn't really know another way to be, and with the Queen over there, holding it together, but he may worry just barely, someone has to make the rules.  The Six of Swords is the happy medium between the two, truce having been reached.  The ship steers elegantly between her turbulent waters and his unflappable one, off into the setting sun, the proverbial happy ending.
Tarot of the Tattoo Age- Queen of Cups, The Emperor, Six of Swords

How does this apply to me today?  Well, these are all aspects of myself, making an attempt to compartmentalize myself, and finding a way to peace without such drastic measures.  As a Daily Draw, these are pretty heavy cards.  I can see myself at war at times, because I am three weeks out from my last surgery, and in theory, feeling much better, but I still need to take it physically easy, rest a lot, nap when I need to, and my Emperor aspect is stern with myself, telling myself things like, "Don't be such a lazy cow."  Words, which by the way, would never pass through my mind, let alone over my lips, about someone else.  My husband has been an absolute prince among men as I go through this, helping me make our home comfortable and inviting, just the way I like it, bringing me treats, both to eat and little gifts that lift my spirits.  I try really hard to let everyone believe I am strong and I can do everything I keep trying to do, but the Six of Swords promises I am on the way there.  It also suggests that I just sleep when I need to, now while I can, and stop the drama of my inner struggle.  That is just distracting, and serves no purpose.
Tarot of the Tattoo Age- Page of Cups

The Shadow Card is The Page of Cups, which has traditionally represented my youngest to me, who is out  of school this week.  She does not enjoy quiet days at home, but I have her stocked full of interesting things to do.  She was also sick for the last two days of school last week, so may be getting a little cabin fever-y, even though much of the busy-ness of the weekend revolved around her.

However, this is a rather mature Page of Cups, also spilling the contents of her Cup all over.  This suggests to me that if I don't manage to handle my issues in a mature way, I run the risk of having them spill over in an immature way, which I am sure my husband would forgive me.  It's not a habit of mine, and I do have excuses.  But I am a grown woman, and I don't let those excuses reign over my life.

The Queen of Cups is by artist Nick Phillips.
The Emperor is by artist Damien Voss.
The Six of Swords is by artist Chris Howell.
The Page of Cups is by artist Hayley Lakeman.

These cards are from Tarot of the Tattoo Age, a collaborative project self published by Flaco Productions, LLC.


  1. I love these cards! Where can I get a copy of the deck, please? :)

    1. I love them deeply :)

      I only had info for contacting them via Facebook, but on that page there are these websites listed as well, so you may have some luck there, in case Facebook is off the table. I just sent the creator a message from the Facebook fan page, and he asked me for the money via money order, although I know they do take PayPal, too. Just trying to avoid the nasty fees, I imagine.




  2. quite an interesting deck :0
    like your take on these :]

    1. Thank you! As much as I love the art, I am very interested to see how it fares as a reading deck. So far, so good!