Thursday, November 1, 2012

Book Review- The Trasformational Truth of Tarot: The Fool's Journey by Tiffany Crosara

You may ask yourself, I as did myself, why you may need another book full of tarot card meanings.  Well, since this book is card meanings and so much more that should answer the question.

The Trasformational Truth of Tarot: The Fool's Journey by Tiffany Crosara is published by Dodona Books.  It is a 245 page trade paperback that digs deeply into the The Fool's Journey aspect of tarot.

Each meaning is accompanied with a quote the author finds apt to the card, and so far I agree with her totally, a black and white image of the Waite Smith deck, and a succinct and thorough description of the symbols included in the imagery, which is an amazing help as learning to read the symbols of tarot is easier and goes further towards true understanding than trying to memorize keywords or phrases.

Each Major Arcana also includes the cards astrological correspondence, position on the Tree of Life so you can relate it to Kabbalah, and in depth symbolism included in the Waite Smith deck, positive, negative, and neutral meanings for the card, and ways you can express the energy of each archetype in your every day life.

The Court Cards are grouped into family units, with a short entry on each, and the author includes short chapters on the origins of tarot, how it fits in the modern world, and how to perform a reading, of course from the author's perspective.

This is not the only tarot book a student will ever need, but it does not claim to be.  What it does do well is give an introduction, in clear, easy to read language, about how tarot and Kabbalah come together, as well as using modern examples and meanings which make it easy for the reader to relate the cards to their own lives.  One of the reasons I like this book so well probably has to do with the author's emphasis on telling stories with the cards, which is my personal way of teaching tarot, and how I best like to use them, whether giving a reading or actually using them in creative writing exercises.  I think people who are looking to bring tarot alive in their every day lives, especially those who prefer the Waite Smith deck or its' clones, will especially enjoy this book and want to add it to their library.

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