Legacy of the Divine Tarot- Six of Wands
Some people like what I do!  And I thank them for sharing!

"Just in case anyone was wondering or in need...Amanda Donnelly is the BEST Tarot card reader this side of the Mississippi...if not everywhere. I just got the most amazing reading done from her that I asked her to do for me last night. She typed it right up in a handy dandy email and everything! True as the moon those cards were. AND she's reasonable! Thank you Panda....love you soooo much!!! ♥ Wow...I'm still shocked at the things those cards knew! haha!" ~A from Arizona
"Just wanted to take a minute and let all my friends out there know that I just received a very in depth tarot reading with the wonderfully talented Amanda Donnelly. We had Amanda on the show a while and back and I have had the honor of having her read for me. If you are looking for a tarot reading look no further. She is kind, helpful and so intuitive. You can find her at http://78whispers.blogspot.com/ or here on facebook. I will also have a link on my website www.bethshelby.com." ~Beth Shelby from Michigan

"Even Tarot readers need readers... like Therapists need Therapists.

Today I asked for a quicky and received a wonderful one card Oracle from Amanda Donnelly.


I was looking for confirmation about a situation today. I had already discussed the situation with my besties... but as you know... we humans are often quite daft and thick... and we need to hear things a couple hundred times before it sinks in... then we usually pat ourselves on the back and think we thought of it ourselves when it finally clicks.

The message from Amanda was the exact same conclusion that was drawn with my friends... almost verbatim.

Thank you Amanda. You are amazing! You definitely caught the ball."
~G from Wyoming


"Amanda uses her extensive, expert knowledge of the Tarot
to give insightful and inspiring readings.  She is entertaining and compassionate and I highly recommend her!"
~L from Denver


 "As far as I'm concerned, Amanda is the best Tarot blogger on the web. I can only imagine how insightful, revealing and compassionate her client readings are. It's obvious she knows the cards well, far beyond just the rote meanings some are content with using. More importantly, it's apparent she knows HERSELF well. When you combine self-knowledge with deep archetypal Tarot knowledge, you are spiritual force to be reckoned with." ~Janet Boyer from Pennsylvania

Thank you to everyone who has granted me their kind words to use, after giving me the chance to do what I love by reading for them!

This card is from Legacy of the Divine Tarot  by Ciro Marchetti, published by Llewellyn.

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