Thursday, November 22, 2012

Daily Draw- Five of Wands, Seven of Wands, King of Swords

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers in the United States, and a blessed day to all of you!  First, I want to say that I am thankful for each one of you, for coming here to read what I have to say, for delighting in my variety of decks along with me, and for your thoughtful comments which always make me think, too.  I am blessed with an awesome audience, and it is a joy to write for you all, as well as just for myself.  Thank you for your support and the time you spend with me!

This morning's cards kind of have me giggling-
Tarot of the Tattoo Age- Five of Wands, Seven of Wands, King of Swords

That wide eyed Five of Wands looks a lot like I did when my alarm went off at 4 o'clock this morning, and I often see this card as an inner struggle, and getting this holiday together has sure been an inner struggle for me, as I posted yesterday.  I also have a major caffeine high (bless that Kuerig, and bless me, for I have sinned) and that adds to my wide eyed wonder.  Throughout the process of the cooking, which has been somewhat disorganized, I have felt like a monkey jumping around, and sometimes, about as apt as a monkey would be in the kitchen.  It's been kind of a battle of me against my kitchen, and all that fire talks about cooking, but it's been a comedy of errors, not a serious war.  That King of Swords, normally such a solemn fellow, is even funny in this portrayal, as the Frog King.  I think this is The Man, looking passively on this all delightful chaos, cool headed as he always is, ready to jump in to help, but wisely holding his tongue, as evidenced by the Sword in his mouth.  If I am allowed a little joke at his expense, he is completely my frog I kissed who morphed into a prince, or more fitting for our ages, the King, and he holds my heart in his hands, just like this King of Swords.

Tarot of the Tattoo Age- Four of Swords
The Shadow Card is the Four of Swords, and while some exhaustion on a holiday can't be avoided, I gave myself some of it by my late night hours and early mornings, not always giving myself the kind of rest I truly need.  I would have done myself a solid by getting to sleep early last night, but the lure of my handsome man and my book kept me up late, as always.  My own rueful fault, but when I am on my deathbed I won't wish I slept more.  I will be grateful for the strong bonds with my kids and my husband, and then I will sleep.

I hope your Thanksgiving has been calmer, through better planning, than mine, and every bit as blessed!

The Five of Wands is by artist Chris Arredondo.
The Seven of Wands is by artist Brenda Flatmo.
The King of Swords is by artist Tia Janitch.
The Four of swords is by artist Thoma Hooper.

These cards are from Tarot of the Tattoo Age, a collaborative project self published by Flaco Productions, LLC.

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