Saturday, November 17, 2012

NicNoodle & The End of Cheer Season

Another mundane question for The Sirian Starseed Tarot today, except all mothers know nothing that has to do with their kids is really mundane.  It all matters desperately to us, if it matters at all to our kids.  There is a saying that a mother is only as happy as her saddest kid, and I have found that to be true.

Danica, however, is not the least bit sad, at least not today.  Although it did not have to be, since they emerged victorious, today was her last Cheerleading competition in her first year.  Having taken First in their division at Regionals, my sweet girl and the Spartan Cheerleaders are qualified to attend Nationals in February in Orlando, but the coaches do not feel like they can ask the parents to spend that kind of money, since we had no idea we were dealing with superstar cheerleaders this year and we did not plan for it.

Sirian Starseed Tarot- Reflection (Hermit)
I want to know how Cheer has affected my girl, and the answer is a kindly old gentleman who has been around a lot this week- Reflection, or The Hermit.  I take this to mean that she has grown a lot, learned a lot, and is on a path to becoming who she is meant to be.  Although she now has a sweet baby brother, she is the baby in this part of the family, something that has sparked a lot of rivalry between the Little J Man and her, since he was the baby before his dad and I married, and our union placed him squarely in the middle of the sibling group, but she has been both beautifully mentored this year, as well as having the opportunity to be a mentor and leader herself.  As the Back Spot for her stunt group, she was responsible for helping the younger girls get into place and making sure their part of the cheer routine came off without a hitch.  I really think this has been an amazing experience for her not only because she has found something to love, grown in her self esteem, but also because she has, for probably the first time, been responsible for leading and teaching her peers, and since she is the youngest in a family full of boys, she was not likely to get that experience at home.

She has decided Cheer is her thing, along with acting, writing, singing, drawing, photography, and scrap booking, and she is now taking a tumbling class to help emerge a stronger, more skillful Cheerleader next season.  I am so proud of her for her initiative and her incredibly hard work!

Sirian Starseed Tarot- Five of Chalices (Cups)
The Shadow Card of this reading is the Five of Chalices, a card which signals to me that while she is currently high on her teams' win, she is going to soon feel the emptiness those hours not filled with practice, travel, games, performances, and competitions leaves, as well as the camaraderie of her peers on the team.  Since football and Cheer has ended, I am not sure any of us are going to know what to do with our not-packed weekends.  There is a high danger of her forgetting the parts of Cheer she did not like, the practice she had to do outside of the group and the primping that goes into getting the hair and make up just so.  She has expressed interest in competitive full time Cheer, but that is both expensive and time consuming.  One of her coaches recommends it, and the other says no, that girls that start competitive Cheer this young get burned out by the time they are in high school.  I think she might feel bad that her dad and I just aren't going to be able to invest in a full time competitive team, without remembering that a lot of work goes into it on her end, too.  She has a tumbling class, intended to sharpen cheerleading skills, she has choir, she has theater classes, Scrapbooking Club, and she is just going to be happy with what we can provide.  Hopefully this can be an opportunity to learn to be grateful for what we do get, instead of bemoaning what we can't have.

These cards are from The Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha, published by North  Atlantic Books.

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