Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Major Arcana- My Lens for the Week: Guidance

Firstly, I am relieved it is not The Moon.  I love The Moon, it is usually a lovely card, but I am tired of writing about The Moon on the Moons' Day- Monday.

Sirian Starseed Tarot- Trump V, Guidance (Hierophant)
Secondly, I think this card wants to help me this week, because I am not sure how to approach this deck.  I don't know what a Sirian Starseed is, if I am one, how can I write about them, or if I can do this deck justice.  Or if this deck can do me justice, for that matter.  A reader and their cards is a symbiotic relationship.  Guidance is a very auspicious card to draw when clearly I need some.

(I am also planning to attend Patricia Cori's FREE webinar tomorrow about working with The Sirian Starseed Tarot which should add to my understanding, with some more Guidance.)

Thirdly, I had some harsh experiences with The Hierophant last week, which is what this Trump, Guidance, would correlate to in a traditionally named deck.  A lot of us who had absent, abusive, or neglectful  fathers can have some issues with The Emperor and Hierophant archetypes.  The Hierophant is meant to represent tradition, and is often depicted as a man of the cloth.  If we have broken relationships with adult men in our lives, we often have a hard time trusting in the Masculine Sacred Divine, however we name Him, that He loves and cares for us.  If we have learned from men that men are hurtful, leave us, don't love us, and we can't please them, we often have a hard time understanding the Masculine Sacred Divine, who I call God, who doesn't care what you call Him, is not those men and will never do those things to us.  He loves us, in a personal way, me, Mandy, and YOU, and only ever has the best plans and wishes for us, and He will always hold us softly, protect us, and guide us.  This gentle image is soothing and non-threatening, while still conveying power, strength, and knowledge.  I think this card has presented itself as a promise of all those things, and a reminder that last weeks' Hierophant experiences are not God.  They were just my flawed perception of Him, and my fear of being inadequate.

Finally, although the Hierophant I dealt with last week was portrayed as a woman, this card portrays both genders as Divine Guidance, The Great Sphinx, and Buddha, so that no one gender is assigned to Spirit.  In my belief system, I happen to be a Christian who believes the Trinity is made up of masculine and feminine aspects, the Holy Spirit, the one who actually gets things done, you know, being the Divine Feminine aspect.  I don't fully have this worked out in my head, since the Holy Spirit apparently impregnated Mary, but that's okay.  With some Guidance, I'll get there, and some things are called miracles for a reason.  I think the hands that put each star in their place, that placed each cell of our bodies just so, can probably figure it out.  (I am also a Christian who believes in following what Jesus said and did Himself, not what his misguided followers perpetrate in His name, and while I believe The Bible to be true, I don't believe it to be the whole truth.  No book could hold it all.  I also think this is the glorious world God/dess made and I enjoy following the sabbats.  I'm like a pagan-y Christian.  Or a Christian-y pagan.  Or my own thing that I made up, and that is just all right because there is no relationship more personal than that of ay person with the Divine.)

I think it is going to be an interesting week for me and The Sirian Starseed Tarot!

Update: My friend Pip, an incredible healer and lightworker at As You Wish Hands of Light sent, well rather, tweeted me this video to help get me on my way.  I love all this technology, which lets me talk to all of you all around the world, and make friends I never would have otherwise!

Guess what else- I accidentally labelled this post as "Guardian".  I should have just left it, because that was a Freudian slip, probably a good one.  Our God should be our Guardian.

 This card is from The Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha, published by North  Atlantic Books.

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