Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Book Review- Hands On Gratitude: Your Field Guide to The Gratitude Tarot by Teresa Deak

A couple weeks ago, I blithely asked on Facebook if anyone had anything they wanted me to review in the book department.  Teresa Deak, a self described butterfly soul, and a genuinely good friend to have in my online stratosphere, bravely raised her hand, and shared her forthcoming book with me, Hands On Gratitude: Your Field Guide to The Gratitude Tarot, which is to be the companion to her Gratitude Tarot.

I have read this uplifting and insightful companion book in PDF format, but Teresa's vision is that it be a spiral bound (for ease of use) thing that can be touched, held, smelled, and fully experienced, right along with her Gratitude Tarot, in full glossy color and beautiful presentation.  I am fully on board with this idea, as I believe all books meant to be used should open easily, lay flat, and be a joy to have in ones' hands.

Teresa fully embraces a philosophy that is both simple but not always easy to maintain- The secret to inner peace and happiness is gratitude.  Being grateful for what you already have, consciously acknowledging that we are each blessed, and in this way our blessings increase.  Teresa calls this Thankfulness, and it shines through every word she has written, and each card she has carefully crafted through her camera lens.

This book is physically gorgeous, as are the pictures of the cards, and Teresa has elected to tell the story of each card through poetry she has written to accompany them.  That would be 78 +1 poems, all about tarot, Thankfulness, the beauty that surrounds us every day, and the joy to be reaped from noticing it all, living right here in this moment.

A personal favorite-
Queen of Thankfulness
The Beauty of your senses is fuel for your soul. 
 Open your heart to the pleasure it seeks. 
Allow this fulfillment to radiate beyond yourself.
there is brilliance in you
your body a wonder
of beauty and architecture
mechanics and spirit
your desires are your path
to the knowing you carry within
their power a lightness
for your heart
a glimmer for your spirit
follow them to your center
allow their flow to carry you
into the arms of the Infinite
into your shine

The Beauty of your senses is fuel for your soul. Open your heart to the pleasure it seeks. Allow this fulfillment to radiate beyond yourself.

No surprise this is a favorite, as the suit of Thankfulness relates to Pentacles in The Gratitude Tarot, and I often view myself as the Queen of Pentacles.

Graceful writing like this, and beautiful images like you will see on Teresa Deak's site is what you can expect from this gem of a companion book to her Gratitude Tarot.  The deck itself is available directly from Teresa Deak, if you live in Canada, or from Ohm Sweet Ohm here in the US and all international orders.  Both are great to work with!

The book also contains Teresa's personal tarot philosophy and two unique spreads she has created, Awaken Gratitude and Something Good, everything you need to get started with the deck.

Teresa has a bright shining spirit that beams through her words and her interpretation of traditional tarot imagery, and I am the one who has been blessed to share them.  Please visit her site and see if you are as moved as I have been.

These images and words belong to Teresa Deak of Hands On Gratitude, where she has self published The Gratitude Tarot.


  1. Amanda, where can I get Teresa's book? I have her deck, but can't find her book at her site. Help!

    1. It's on its' way to the printers right now. I read it in PDF. Teresa was very clear she wants people to have and hold the book, too, and I think it is going to be great, spiral bound!