Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Daily Draw- King of Wands, Nine of Wands, Knight of Pentacles

I have been trying to avoid various combinations of these cards for the past 24 hours.  The fact that no matter how many times I have shuffled, how much I have tried to have my own way with the cards but I continue to pull these ones, tells me they have a message I need to decipher today.  If I am being really honest, the fact that I don't want to deal with these cards, says that I really do need to face them.
Tarot of the Tattoo Age- King of Wands, Nine of Wands, Knight of Pentacles

Although two Court Cards, the King of Wands and the Knight of Pentacles, bookend this reading I believe they are hinged on the Nine of Wands in the middle.  I am tickled at how, upon first glance, the Nine of Wands reminds me of a fully dressed Thanksgiving turkey, even though through a closer look we see it is beautifully decorated skull.  I have offered to have Thanksgiving dinner at my house, while not large, but I am a little overwhelmed by the enormity of the project I have undertaken.  That is probably reflected in the bravado of the King of Wands, who has no doubt he can do whatever he feels like he wants to in a given moment, but now he has turned away from the issue, at least in this reading.  I volunteered, cheerfully, gladly, because I feel I should care for my family in this way, and I want to.  I just am not in the physical shape to do so, but I ignored that, almost arrogantly, when I said, "Let's do Thanksgiving here."  I can even relate the solidarity and soldier-like attitude of a traditional Nine of Wands to the steadfast plan and not giving up attitude one must have to cook such an enormous meal.  The Knight of Pentacles, who as an aside, I am amused was rendered in shades of grey, which suits him so well, when the artists were of this deck were randomly assigned cards, and most had no prior tarot knowledge, is looking towards the problem, and offers the solution-make a plan, stick to it, don't go too fast, keep my head, and just keep moving forward.  We'll all eat eventually, and although the King of Wands speaks of my need to please and really do an amazing meal, he is not really paying attention to the situation, while the ever pragmatic Knight of Pentacles is fully vested, and he says, "Sometimes good enough has to be good enough.  We'll get through today, and we'll aim to dazzle next time."

Tarot of the Tattoo Age- The Moon
The Shadow Card of my reading is The Moon, which is an irony, as I see this position as something I don't know, something hidden, but something I should know, or something I need to deal with but have put far away from myself.  It has appeared here for two reasons, the first one being my reluctance to deal with these cards, to admit that I can't do everything, that sometimes my mouth writes checks my debilitated body can't cash.

The second reason probably has to do with my nervousness at seeing my brother.  I love him, I adore him, and so he has great power to hurt me, and has.  I am sure I have hurt him, too, so I am not begging excuse from my wrongs.  We have not been in close contact since our former stepfather, the only dad either of us ever really had, for what it was worth, passed away on Valentine's Day of this year.  We both had strong reactions to his death, and they were reactions that did not allow us to grieve together.  I want so much for this day to bring reconciliation, and I believe it will, but I am afraid.  The Moon, though, says that we can't stay where we are, and we must move forward, even if it's scary, because there is no way back, either.  So forward we go, my beloved brother and I, and hopefully for the best.

Just for the record, I have a lot of help- my brother and his lovely girlfriend are making the turkey, my father in law is bringing appetizer trays, my aunt offered any help I may need, and my husband and kids will do absolutely anything for me.  I am not martyring myself for this day.  I am surrounded by loving support and willing helping hands, for which I am ever thankful!  Further, I want to do this.  My father in law would have hosted, or I am sure my aunt or brother would have, but I love playing the hostess, and I am thrilled I get to have so many people I love gathered under my roof, to care for and feed!

The King of Wands is by artist D.J. Rose.
The Nine of Wands is by artist Charlie Grrl.
The Knight of Pentacles is by artist Jason Kelly.
The Moon is by artist Scott Sylvia.

These cards are from Tarot of the Tattoo Age, a collaborative project self published by Flaco Productions, LLC.

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