Thursday, November 1, 2012

Daily Draw- The Hierophant, The Hermit, The Chariot

This strange conglomeration of cards features all Major Arcana, and being confined to bed, not too much all that major is happening for me right now.  The Hierophant is the card of my Sun sign, Taurus, and The Chariot is my birth card.  They sandwich The Hermit, who stands still between them.
Silver Era Tarot- The Hierophant, The Hermit, The Chariot

The accompanying book with the deck reads so for The Hierophant, "The Hierophant sits calm and stable as she blesses those who realize one's existence does not necessarily reside in material wealth, but more by what values are held inside."
Silver Era Tarot- Knight of Sword
Inspirations for Survivors

I am deeply irritated with not being able to be productive, not amassing money, not being able to clean and run errands.  Bed bound DOES NOT suit me well at all,something easily seen in the Shadow Card, the Knight of Swords.  I would prefer to charge forward, right into the fray.  I am better off taking action, but The Hermit shows I can spend this time learning, resting, going deep into myself.  This is reflected in the Inspirations for Survivors card I pulled, "Go with the flow and a benefit may follow."  Going with the flow is not my forte, it actually goes against my nature, but in this case I don't have much choice, and that is the advice of the cards.

These cards are from Silver Era Tarot and Inspirations for Survivors by Aunia Kahn and Russell J. Moon, published by Schiffer Books.

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