Sunday, November 25, 2012

Daily Draw- Knight of Wands, Seven of Swords, The Hierophant

First, I need to say a very Happy Birthday to my handsome, wonderful, very nearly perfect husband, whose day it is today, and it will be packed for us!  I am hoping 39 will be the best year of your life, sugar, and I will do everything in my power to make it so!

Guess what else- I had another jumper, just like yesterday, and I am thinking this one is advice for the day ahead, or perhaps an explanation.

Tarot of the Tattoo Age- Knight of Wands, Seven of Swords, The Hierophant
I am not thinking this is going to be the most peaceful day we have had, but we have had two solid days of it, more than we usually get, so I am pleased with that.  Both the Knight of Wands and the Seven of Swords have appeared this week, and neither is a particularly positive message for me, so I am not so happy to see them again.  Actually, the Knight of Wands appeared in a reading I decided not to blog as too personal, but he and I are familiar with each other.

This is not our normal weekend with kids.  My ex is extremely solicitous and willing to work with me, as I am with him, so getting mine to celebrate my husband's birthday has been no issue.  His kids mom, though, is threatening to withhold the kids even though their court orders and parenting agreement clearly state that they are each to be allowed to have the children on their birthdays.  Hers was last month, and she let us know several weeks ahead of time she did not wish to have the kids on her birthday, which fell on our weekend.  My husband does wish to have the kids on his birthday, which falls on her weekend.  I am sorry she did not want to spend her birthday with her kids, but my husband does.  She doesn't get to choose that, and I know it irks her.  These cards reflect that, the fighting Knight of Wands, who is all hot air, and totally turned away from this reading.  I think she would like to withhold the kids, as she has threatened, and we can see that in the sneaky Seven of Swords.  She'd like to steal time that belongs to my husband, and for no true good reason except to hurt him, and it would.  I think she will relent though, as my husband has been clear he will call the police, he will file a report, and he will ask our lawyer to press contempt of court charges against her if she does not relinquish the kids as requested, and the stern Hierophant reflects her fear of punitive actions.  I believe it is not Justice that appears here, because I do not think she is looking for Justice.  She just doesn't want to upset the powers that be, and she shouldn't.
Tarot of the Tattoo Age- Nine of Pentacles

My jumper is the Nine of Pentacles.  I absolutely do not understand why she wants to fight with my husband over every single kid issue, but that is because I stand on my own two feet, and always have.  My belief, through my personal knowledge of her (which is great; but that is a story for another day) and my personal readings on the subject lead me to believe she has a lot of issues with her dad, which get played out in these power struggles with my husband because she does not have the ability to work out her daddy issues, or chooses not to, because Daddy pays the bills in that family (she has not worked in over 14 years.  We should all be so lucky, I sometimes think, but then, especially when I look at the Nine of Pentacles, I know that I'd rather be independent than not work, especially as I know what her father's money has cost her).  She can't risk his ire, but she can, and does, fight with my husband.

The Nine of Pentacles, this self made, self sufficient woman, explains why I don't understand her- we do not operate from the same view of life, that simple.  We were both single mothers to the same age children, and we handled it in two totally different ways.  It's not my place to judge her, but I know I did the best I could with what I had, and while she has been more financially secure than I have, I would not trade places with her for anything.  That white dove symbolizes peace, of the utmost importance to me, and she and I just have no common ground to meet on, nor does she want to, which is fine.  Her choice to make, and her loss of me as a friend and ally.

Tarot of the Tattoo Age- Ten of Swords
The Shadow Card is the Ten of Swords, which is one I rather like, but the Ten of Swords often denotes drama to me.  You need one Sword to do a lot of damage.  Ten is just overkill.

Unfortunately, I think we have to be prepared for drama tomorrow, and I hate that.  My kids should never have to see it.  You can hurt me all you want, and I don't care.  I have to give a fig what you think about me in order for you to hurt me, and I just don't in this case.  But hurt my kids, any five of them, and I am wounded to my core.  The Hierophant appears to me to be shedding tears, and that is the card that corresponds to my astrological sign of Taurus.  I may cry today, and I hate that, too.  My husband is a good person, a great dad, an amazing husband, and he deserves to have a happy birthday, not one rife with drama and fighting.

In this case, I deeply hope I am wrong, and the cards are just reflecting the possibilities in this moment.  I hope by the time we are to receive the kids she has come to the right decision and doesn't inflict pain on them or my husband, as well as my other kids.  Her problems should not become the problems of the innocent.

The Knight of Wands is by artist Mike Wilson.
The Seven of Wands is by artist Brenda Flatmo.
The Hierophant is by artist Daniel Albrigo.
The Nine of Pentacles is by artist Vic Back.
The Ten of Swords is by artist Noodles.

These cards are from Tarot of the Tattoo Age, a collaborative project self published by Flaco Productions, LLC.


  1. A happy birthday to your husband. Here's hoping it all works out in the end. With the Hierophant there, I am thinking so. Or maybe that is just my Taurus as well. No matter what you do, there will never be understanding of her. Totally up to her. I know I am sending some joy to your home :))

    1. Thank you! I think it all worked out as well as we could hope,and the kids did here, although a little bit late. But truly, better late than never.

      My husband has had a great day, and we appreciate all the joy! Every day is as happy as you choose to be, I think.

      Thank you for stopping by, and your thoughtful comments!