Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sirian Starseed Tarot- Can You Answer The Mundane?

Okay, so we know The Sirian Starseed Tarot answers spiritual and psychological questions like a champ, with eery accuracy, and for me, at least, causing deep introspection and higher thought patterns to emerge.  That is plenty enough to ask of any deck, but I want to know if this one can address my day to day concerns, as well.
Sirian Starseed Tarot- Six of Crystals (Pentacles)

There is an ongoing situation with a person that is full of conflict, and it is not a situation I can just walk away from.  It has to be worked out.  My question is, How can I best approach the situation with this person?  My answer is the Six of Crystals, which, being the highest vibration of Earth energy, are equivalent to Pentacles in this deck.

In the imagery, I instantly relate to the dark haired woman on the left as myself, and since I see the scales I know my role in this situation is to stay in balance.  No one else in this situation is able to view it impartially, and I am not able to either, entirely, but I come the closest, probably, of the participants.

I see that I need to give this person as much as I expect them to give me, because that is how balance happens.  The reaching hands to the figure I am identifying with make me feel the other person wants me to give the most in the situation, and since this is the suit that deals with physical things, I know that means money as well as time and resources.  I am inclined to give those things, because I identify readily with this persons' particular set of problems, and I have deep and sometimes painful empathy for most people, but some people see the kind of giving I am more than willing to do as weakness.

The empty hands also indicate to me that this person feels I have taken something from them, and while I could not live with myself if I believed that I had, each persons' perception IS their reality, so if this person feels I have taken something from them, in their world, I have.  The correlation is my reality is that I feel I have done them no wrong, so that is how it is in my world.  Even though it logically seems both statements can't be true, we aren't dealing with logic.  We are dealing with feelings, which are volatile, so both statements CAN be true, and in this case probably are.

By their words, I know this person sees this situation as one with clear winners and losers, but the balance of the scales indicates that is not the case, and their perception of win/lose is a faulty one.  I need to be careful to not let their faulty perception affect my reality, so that I keep in mind BALANCE is what we have been seeking all along, not a "win".

Sirian Starseed Tarot- Seeker of Crystals (Pentacles)
The Shadow Card of this reading comes from the same suit, and is The Seeker of Crystals.  This is equivalent to the Page of Pentacles in a Waite Smith named deck.  To be honest, I physically identify the figure on the card as the person I am in opposition with at the moment, though they are not necessarily a female, and the grin on the face of the figure in the card I see as malicious, in this case (the next time I see this card, that may not be so, as I am sure the artist did not intend that.  This is how intuition works).  That would make sense for this card to appear as far away from me as possible, because I really would just like them to go away, in peace and their own happiness, but that is not going to happen.  This is where reading for oneself can get dicey.  Does this person wish me well?  Hell, no.  Are they actively plotting against me?  Probably.  Is that any of my business?  No, because what other people think of me isn't, and because I live my life in such a way I have no worries of anything being exposed.  I have taught all the skeletons in my closet to dance.

Since I use the Shadow Card as some information I have put far away from myself to keep from dealing with it, and I see the traditional Page of Pentacles as the ardent student, I know that I need to make sure all my ducks are in a row when dealing with this person, that research has been done, and that I am fully prepared by being knowledgeable, first and foremost, and having my physical self (with my poor health) and surroundings ready.

I apologize for the ambiguity, but as much as they don't believe this, I am NOT an enemy to this person and I very much want to respect their privacy and boundaries, but this weighs so heavily on my mind all the cards I was pulling dealt with this anyway, so I needed to deal with it.  As to whether this deep and spiritual deck answers more mundane questions well, I have a resounding, "Yes!"

These cards are from The Sirian Starseed Tarot by Patricia Cori and Alysa Bartha, published by North  Atlantic Books.


  1. Thanks Mandy for posting these cards! I just purchased my own copy of this deck with some apprehension and a combination of impulsive buying:-)

    I see the 6 of pents in a different light than I would normally see it with this deck of cards, (despite my particular taste of not being drawn to photographic tarot most of the time). I see the 6 of pents is saying the need to measure your own self-worth. The lady on the scale is equivalent to her weight in crystals (gold). She is being judged by this scale but she has a choice here. She can give either herself up to the hands of want, or place the crystal or a piece of it there. At least the hand of want is outstretched to the lady instead of going to the other side and simply taking the crystal. I think this is a double meaning where the question is what is the perception of your worth while the other question is judgement and charity... how this may be asking yourself what type of worth do you feel your are giving/depleting of yourself when you think of charity.

    The other card is different to me. It is the seeker of crystals. This person is looking (seeking) for opportunities. I get the feeling she is looking for any opportunity or any resource for use. To me it looks like she's in the midst of an existential cave cloud, just like a miner in a cave. Just like a chemist is looking for a new and better compound, a miner/prospector in a cave, a botanist in the rain forest. What can one land on to help them expand their resources or their knowledge of the physical around them.

    I did enjoy your thorough take on these cards and can't wait to get them. Your posting has put me at ease a little with what may be coming through the mail.

    Remi Daily

    1. Hi thank you for stopping by! I hope you love your Sirian Starseed Tarot!

      I especially found your comments helpful, as I read through this post again, weighed it against all that has happened since, and I think you are spot on! I loved your perspective about the imagery of the Six of Crystals suggesting a question of self worth, and choice as to what to give the person. As time has progressed I see that more than me being willing to give as well as receive, I need to be careful about what I give to this person. Your comments about the Seeker also got me thinking, which I really appreciate!

      I am also happy to check out your interesting blog, which I had not seen before. You have some great thoughts, and I hope you will blog more!

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