Sunday, November 4, 2012

Daily Draw- The Fool, Five of Cups, Knight of Cups

These cards speak to me of foolish choices, squandered chances, and the hope that nothing we were really meant to have can be truly lost to us.
Silver Era Tarot- The Fool, Five of Cups, Knight of Cups

The Fool and the Five of Cups are having themselves a little dance, even if one of them is not so willingly participating.  I like these kinds of Fives of Cups, well as much as you can like such a dour card, that follow Waite Smith imagery so closely, with three Cups knocked over, and two still standing.  Many times I read this as we have lost our false loves, the idols that were keeping us from our true sacred contract, our true love, which is one way of interpreting the Two of Cups.  The Fool knows this, and would like the sad fellow in the Five of Cups to stop mourning what is lost, because if it were meant to be, it could not have been lost.  If he (or she; I happen to know this model is female but the figure is purposefully androgynous) would stop focusing on what they thought they had, and turn to what they actually have in the Two of Cups, they would find great happiness.  But really, there are none so blind as those who will not see.  We've all been there.  I know I have, mourning loves I thought were "The One", feeling sorry for myself when my plans didn't pan out, forgetting that the plan the Divine has for us is always better.

The Knight of Cups is a messenger of love, and she is the figure from the Five of Cups, picking her Cup up and ready to set off and find both her mate, and the Cups' twin.  Horses are loyal creatures, sensitive, and smart.  They grow attached to their people, and this one will wait as long as it takes for his rider to come to their senses.
Silver Era Tarot- The Empress

The Shadow Card is The Empress.  She is creativity, and it is not surprising to see her here.  Creativity and sexuality are inextricably linked, both rooted in the second chakra, the seat of our sexual pleasure.  Many people who are blocked in one area are blocked in the other, and freedom in either will translate to freedom in both.  We see The Empress as the mother archetype, but mothers become mothers by first having sex, and then giving birth through that sacred canal.  That isn't to say you can't be a successful artist, musician, writer, sculptor, painter, or any kind of artist without having a lover as well, but full awareness of the dynamics between sexuality and creativity will help.  In fact, a partner is not needed at all to experience a full range of sexual and artistic expression, but for may people, it is part of the road they are on, and there should be no shame in admitting that.

Inspirations for Survivors
The Inspirations for Survivors card I pulled for this reading is probably the most sensual one in the deck, reflecting back the theme of love, sexuality, water, and emotions.  "Baths are healing.  Let the Water wash it all away."  The Five of Cups and The Knight of Cups both stand near bodies of Water, probably the same one, the one waiting for the other to be free of their pain ad ready to move on, into their love.  The Empress gives birth in a gush of water, and she "gets wet" when sexually excited.  Love, sex, artistry, true calling, for some of us they are all bound up and the only way to be whole is to acknowledge that.  Don't mourn what you are not.  Celebrate what you are, because it is just the way God wants you, and that is beautiful!

For me, Sunday evenings are a ritual.  I clean the tub sparkling, then I fill it with water as hot as I can stand it.  I add one cup of Epsom salts, a half cup of baking soda, a palmful of ground ginger, and several drops of lavender essential oil.  Before stepping in, I use a dry brush on my skin, always brushing towards the heart, over every inch of skin.  I make a face mask of pure kaolin clay, green tea, and apple cider vinegar, and I soak for at least 40 minutes.  I sweat, and I cry sometimes.  I light incense and a candle, and it is time just for me, with soft music and a good book.  I emerge detoxed and feeling new, ready to face the week.  That is one reason pulling this card tickled me, another synchronicity to add to my list.

These cards are from Silver Era Tarot and Inspirations for Survivors by Aunia Khan and Russell J. Moon.

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