Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tarot of the Absurd- A Pick Me Up

I don't feel so hot today.  Voting was exhausting, but worthwhile.   My back is, of course, hurting.  Flickr decided I am the female Larry Flynt of the tarot world and put me on lockdown, which is irritating as I use it as a hub for a lot of the images I use for social media.  And since my language, tarot, is a visual one, that is a lot of pictures.  But I got a little gift today, to me, from me.  I am sharing it with you all because it came so sweetly packaged, and all my emails with the creator have been pleasant, plus she shipped my deck super fast, which makes me a happy customer!
Tarot of the Absurd by Jessica Shanahan- The Hierophant, Four of Sticks, Queen of Coins

This is Tarot of the Absurd, by Jessica Shanahan, and anyone who makes such a great work of art as a deck, then puts a parrot sticker on your mailer, and uses lace and ribbons to tie the deck all up, deserves some recognition for going above and beyond (She also used foam AND cardboard AND tape to keep it all in perfect condition.  Besides the whimsy, this really was the best packed deck I have ever received.).
Tarot of the Absurd- Title Card & Signed Card
I can tell this is going to be a treasure in my collection.  Thanks for being talented, and such a doll, Jessica!  This post really was just because getting your deck was the highlight of my day and really made me feel a little better.

These images are from Tarot of the Absurd, self published by Jessica Shanahan at her site- Barefoot Fool.


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    1. It's such a delightful deck, and it was so sweetly packaged; I just had to share!

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