Monday, March 15, 2010

Daily Draw - Ace of Wands

Julia Cuccia-Watts, the creator of the Maat Tarot I am using this week, and I do not agree on the elements of the suits, and that is okay.  I do not have to agree with a person to learn from them.

The serpents are a bit difficult for me to reconcile.  I have an intense phobia of snakes, which is not uncommon, but I do not take much pleasure in seeing them on my daily card.

The message for me today seems to be that I will have a breakthrough, a-sky-opening-up-and-light-pouring-down-upon-me moment when I have learned to face what I think are my darkest fears, the ones that I don't want to say but who keep me prisoner as surely as if they were boas constricted all around me.  There is raw potential here, and a lot of it, but I am not reaching out and grasping what is mine by right, because I am too afraid of being bitten by the snakes.

Those wings are mine for the taking.  I just have to reach through the illusion of fear.

This card is from the Maat Tarot by Julia Cuccia-Watts.

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