Friday, October 9, 2009

Freaked the Eff Out!

Okay, so I have been busily reading all day, and I idly asked myself where a forum buddy has been.


The person has not been online in two months.  I actually owe them money, as they sent me some great decks but neglected to send their PayPal info.  I honestly never would have expected them to mail the decks before having payment.  I have sent PMs via the forum, and emails to the listed address, trying to get the money to them, with no response.

The only, only, only time I have ever had the Death card mean a physical death was for my own grandfather, but he was in cardiac failure in a hospice, so it's not like that was a surprise.  I hope I am keeping that record, but I am unlikely to find out unless they just pop on one day.  *crossing fingers*

Update - March 2, 2010:  My friend showed up, money was sent, and all is well.  Whew.


  1. Maybe for some reason they have just given up on the forum, decided it was time for a change.... death doesn't necessarily mean death - I hope not in this case.....

  2. I hope you hear something soon, if you haven't since this was posted.


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  4. Yikes! Death meaning death rarely happens, but there is nothing more jarring than having that card show up and knowing it means business!