Friday, October 9, 2009

Freaked the Eff Out!

Okay, so I have been busily reading all day, and I idly asked myself where a forum buddy has been.


The person has not been online in two months.  I actually owe them money, as they sent me some great decks but neglected to send their PayPal info.  I honestly never would have expected them to mail the decks before having payment.  I have sent PMs via the forum, and emails to the listed address, trying to get the money to them, with no response.

The only, only, only time I have ever had the Death card mean a physical death was for my own grandfather, but he was in cardiac failure in a hospice, so it's not like that was a surprise.  I hope I am keeping that record, but I am unlikely to find out unless they just pop on one day.  *crossing fingers*

Update - March 2, 2010:  My friend showed up, money was sent, and all is well.  Whew.


  1. Maybe for some reason they have just given up on the forum, decided it was time for a change.... death doesn't necessarily mean death - I hope not in this case.....

  2. I hope you hear something soon, if you haven't since this was posted.

  3. Yikes! Death meaning death rarely happens, but there is nothing more jarring than having that card show up and knowing it means business!