Thursday, April 12, 2012

Love on American Idol?

I was chatting with Tierney, who writes The Daily Draw, highly recommended tarot reading, about the chemistry we both perceive between American Idol contestants Elise Testone and Phillip Phillips.  Since I have these magical cards at my disposal I decided to pull a couple and get to the bottom of this.  The first card represents how Elise feels about Phillip, the second how Phillip feels about Elise, and the third card in the middle is the energy that is currently flowing between them and the potential of their relationship.

Fantastical Creatures Tarot- Two of Pentacles, Ten of Cups, Judgment

How does Elise feel about Phillip?  Two of Pentacles: These dancing fey are totally adorable together, which is the feeling I get when I see these two singing together.  They balance a ball of pure energy between them.  I think that Elise feels the energy between them, and sees they make magic together when they sing.  She may almost float on air around him.  However, they have many things to juggle at this exact moment and she may be quite aware of all the pressures around them.  She may even have a love interest at home, and she is trying to balance her personal feelings with her big dreams and "regular" life.

How does Phillip feel about Elise?  Ten of Cups:  This image is literally the Muses.  She is inspiring to him, she understands his art, and frankly brings him joy.  He can picture a happy ending with her.  However, to choose one muse may be to forsake the others, and he may not be ready for that just yet.

What is the energy between them?  Judgment:  In this time and this place, they are equals, equally talented, equally important, equally beautiful.  They are great foils to each other.  However, the nature of this competition insists that won't always be the case, at least as it relates to this television program.  Even so, the basic nature of their relationship will remain constant, and they have great potential to evolve and grow together.  Because this is the only Major in the reading, I believe it carries the most weight.  I believe they will either part ways completely after the show, or remain close throughout their lives, no room for middle ground, acquaintance level relations.  No matter how the romance aspect of the relationship plays out, at this moment the relationship is a pivotal one, and may remain so.

There is definite potential for a love blossoming in these cards, and no red flags to nay say the possibility.  These are cards of people who certainly have the ability to build upon their chemistry to create a beautiful relationship that defines them both for many years.  It depends on how they arrange their priorities and what they both desire for their futures.

As for me, these are my favorite singers of this year's crop, and I will cry big fat tears when either of them may go home.  I think they should sing together forever because they complement and enrich each other, becoming more than the sum of their individual artistry.  Good luck to both of them, on the show, in their future careers, and in love!

These cards are from Fantastical Creatures Tarot by D.J. Conway and Lisa Hunt, published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


  1. I enjoyed this a lot! One interpretation I often give to Major Arcana cards in a relationship reading is a strong possibility of a past-life or soulmate connection. Of course, that doesn't guarantee that the two people will have a romantic relationship in this life, but I do feel the connection is there with Elise and Phillip.

    1. I agree that Majors often indicate strong karmic connections, and Judgment in particular is a good pointer for me. Thank you for bringing that up, and thank you for the read! I am glad you enjoyed it!