Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Soft Compassion

I am so thoroughly entranced by this deck and it has easily been the most anticipated one of the year (for me).  I love the concept!  78 cards, which are made up of 39 images divided.  Often, you won't see the cards together in a reading, but when you do, it is bound to make an impression!  I am looking forward to playing with the images and seeing what goes where, but this was the first one I puzzled out.
Fairy Lights Tarot- Four of Swords, Ace of Cups

"The boundaries are soft," in this world, so reads the Little White Book.  The relaxed, peaceful feeling of the the enchanted twilight these cards represent is indeed a place where the boundaries are soft.  In the Four of Swords, the little girl is letting her fairy lights fall softly into the the whispering waterfall.  There is no hurry, no drama, just peace.  The unending source of her light shines brightly into the night sky, where drops of the stuff fall into the Ace of Cups, ensuring this chalice will never empty, the mermaid will never choke on dry air.  Love is always like that, a cycle, and I find myself telling sitters, and my own self alike at times, that if the relationship does not fill you up, and do so peacefully, as if it is almost too easy, it may not be the love you were actually seeking.

It's not always easy, but we should never spend ourselves utterly on any person or thing that is not giving back to us, or all of us who have ever had an overdraft on our banking account know what will happen next- we are empty, with bills to pay, and fees on top of all of that.

Compassion comes softly.

These cards are from Fairy Lights Tarot by Lucia Mattioli, published by Lo Scarabeo.


  1. JEALOUSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WANT WANT WANT WANT!!!!!

    1. It's a really neat deck. I'll have to see how the readings with random draws go but the combinations are great!