Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Evening Reading

My Daily Draw today was this charming fellow -

The Knight of Cups, in the Archeon Tarot. Now, it seems that when I choose to use this deck, they are most often readings that I would rather not share. This guy, well, I love him. No, I really do. He oozes pure sex appeal, to me, at least in this deck. He is dark, and brooding, and a little dangerous, as he is portrayed here, and I absolutely adore him. He looks a little worse for the wear in this scene, and I don't even care. The LWB says of him, "Afraid to look on such beauty, the knight lowered his gaze..." See, he is humble, too! He showed up with MY significator card, the Queen of Pents, and all I can say is what goes on between them needs to stay between them, haha. For anyone who reads because they like to learn about the card meanings, let me just say that the Knight of Cups represents someone sensitive, sweet, charming, and seductive, on his good side, the knight in shining armor on the white horse to save the day, but along with those qualities he can be insincere, quite the playa, and quite possibility who Britney Spears is singing about in "Womanizer." (Boy don't try to front, I-I know just-just what you are-are-are...)

So this evening I decided to try out a spread that reflects what my day was like. It came from AT, like so many of my tarot treasures, and it is Thorhammer's Daily Spread. I am using my Pictorial Key Tarot because I am thoroughly addicted to it and I love the slick, computer generated art but it doesn't stray from RWS imagery, because I am still such a nubcake and like to stay close to home.

What did I do well today? Six of Pentacles - This card features a well dressed man scattering some coins to a couple peasants in the street. This could certainly reflect me, as I do give ten percent of my income away, as a rule, and I spent a good chunk of today researching where I would like to give this month's tithe, since I am not a member of a church at the moment. I was also careful with my money today, not spending it when I could have. I had a coupon to Borders, and my local one happens to be well stocked with tarot decks, but I chose to only get a necessary for research book and be content with what I have. I was happy to treat my brother to some Mexican food and a couple margaritas. I'm a sucker for a good chile relleno. And a margarita.

I believe that I am always given just enough, with careful management, to meet all of my family's needs, and a few of our wants, and help to lessen others burden a bit. I think that faithful trust in God, and the universe, demonstrated by the act of giving, is key to living abundantly.

What do I need to leave behind in today? Nine of Cups - A balding gentlemen sits in a gilded chair. Nine cups line the wall behind him. Often referred to as the wish card, the Nine of Cups indicates contentment, and having all of one's desires sated. Like all tarot cards, in my opinion, this one can have a shadow meaning, which I believe is beautifully illustrated in the Bohemian Gothic tarot. It can speak to excess of the love of the good things in life, like the Victorian gentleman with his absinthe glass tipped to himself.

My brother is visiting, and he sure loves the good life, and so do, being a Taurus and all. We had a great time this evening, tequila making a wonderful social lubricant. The problem is, that has a time and a place, and it is important to make sure not to let a couple drinks one night become an all out binge, something that is not easy to convince my brother of. I love him, I do, and we have so much fun, but tonight I did not have little ones to care for, and that is unusual. Most nights I have to be in full mom mode, and that means sober. Plus, I don't want our time together to blur in an alcohol haze. I want to fully experience each moment, and remember them clearly later. He is younger, and does not have the kind of responsibilities I do, so he doesn't always understand why I can't party as hard as he can.

What should I take forward from today into tomorrow? Eight of Wands - The wands rush from the sky towards the ground. They are not yet grounded, and it is still uncertain how they will fall. This card always looks like energy to me, motion. Today, I see that the wands are falling into place, rather than just being frantically strewn about. I have few creative projects, as well as mundane ones, that need my guidance to end up how I want them. Tomorrow I need to expend less energy on my fun things to do and more on the things that need to get done, some of which has to do with communications.

I was most pleased with this reading, and while I don't think I will do it daily, I think it has a place in my regular rotation, and it was refreshing to use the cards to look back over the day!

The images are from the Pictorial Key Tarot, The Archeon (mine is trimmed), and the Bohemian Gothic.


  1. I love the way you have compared the nine of cups with the BG to show what its shadow side can mean. I should compare different decks more often as it really helps me with meanings. Btw - totally in awe of you giving away 10% each month, it's made me think about upping my monthly charitable donation. Great post xxx

  2. It's not that big a deal once you are used to it, which maybe I shouldn't actually say out loud, because if it isn't squeezing a little mayeb I need to give more?