Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where Ya Been?

Well, I have been hit hard by life over the past few weeks. The semester started off with a bang, and though that is good, it also makes for busy! My work has been crazy, which is part of why I like it, probably, but I have been needing a lot of time to decompress from it. I'm a busy girl, but aren't we all in these hectic times?

I have been having a bit of technical difficulties with the computer, too. The camera seems to have developed a deep and lasting dislike for me, so much that it refuses to work at all, and the technophobe that I am, I have no idea how to run the scanner, which wasn't a problem before, when I had THE MAN to do it for me, but he has decided to make a run for the border, so to speak, and his technical skills are what I am missing about him most at the moment. But I digress...

Today, I am beset with the image from the Eight of Wands. I will have to admit to not being the happiest to see this card, as to me it speaks frantic energy, in its' traditional RWS form, and all I wanted today was to stay curled up in bed all day with a book and a hot cup of tea. Kidkins were out of school for the day, though, and since I worked for 13 days in a row the prior two weeks, my housework had definitely piled up to the point of not allowing for a day like that. So, what else do I know about the Eight of Wands? In most RWS cards, they are flying through the air, not really grounded, and not yet certain about where they will land. This card usually speaks to swift actions and communications, and "now" being the time to act.

In the Deviant Moon deck, a woman dressed all in red stands before seven branches growing from the ground. She wields a scythe handily, and appears to be about to cut the branches down. I wonder what they did to her! A raven flies above her, letter unfurled in its' beak. There is writing on the paper, but it is unreadable, at least for my old eyes! In this way, I feel the Devinat Moon addresses the "communications" meaning of this card most thoroughly. Whenever I see this card from this deck, I always wonder with an almost greedy jealousy what the letter says. Is it for the woman, from the woman, concerning the woman, or does she have nothing to do with it? Why can't I get messages from ravens, ala George R.R. Martin in his Song of Fire and Ice series (completely off track here, but I have a burning fear he is going to make his way to the great unknown before finishing the series, much like Robert Jordan last year, and he and his publisher are certainly taking their sweet time getting the book that was supposed to have already been written almost completely in 2006 released)? But today has been a day filled with long distance type communication for me, even without the class and certain flair being delivered by raven would bring to them, from a brother who needs rescuing from a South Dakota winter, and a long time, long distance, almost love that seems to be rekindled. I don't know if I am up for either of those two men making a swift and decisive return to my life, but ready or not, life happens at its' own pace, right?

In addition, as I look at this fiercely determined woman, and consider why she wants those branches gone so much, I realized that it is not really the why of it, but the fact that she has made the decision they should go, and nothing is going to stop her. She is taking action, right now.

Oh yeah, I also made a decision to go ahead and go see this rather difficult love of my mine...by plane...

I apologize for the lack of images. I realize it makes reading a tarot blog kinda hard when there are no card images to accompany it, so that is why I have not posted recently. I will work on figuring out the scanner or the camera post haste, though!

Edited to add images after working through my technical difficulties. These are from Pictorial Key Tarot by Davide Corsi for Lo Scarabeo and the beloved Deviant Moon by Patrick Valenza for US Games Systems Inc.


  1. Welcome back, Manda! I hope you get that 'curl up with a good book and cup of tea' kind of day soon - sounds like you could do with it! As for not posting the image, your description brought the image up vividly for me (but then I do read with the DM). As synchronicity would have it, I pulled the 8 of Wands too yesterday. Quite a different image in my Swedish Witch Tarot, and hence quite a different take on the card...

  2. Welcome back Manda, nice to see you posting again!
    I think you did a great job on the description of this card. I agree with you that she has made a decision to clear away those wands, were they blocking her path I wonder?

    Sounds like you know just what this card is about for you.

    Hope your day slows down a bit!

  3. Thanks for dropping by, ladies!

    Lisa - I read your post about your Eight, too. I love that tarot can be so many things to so many people! It was a nice slice of synchronicity for us, too, huh?

    Thanks for the well wishes, Helen! Time to sleep when we are dead, right? *wink*

  4. Welcome back. :)

    The Eight of Wands in the DM is one of my favourites. I like the way it brings in the communication side of the things, as well as the "quick ending", or decisive action.