Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tarot Dreaming - Three of Wands

Today, I did not so much draw a card as a card drew me.

Last night, I dreamt, for seemingly the entire night, about a scene from a card. While I was dreaming, I knew I was, recognized that I had somehow deeply internalized an image from a card and was now dreaming in it.

As soon as I woke up, I had to find which exact card I had been dreaming about. I knew it was the Three of Wands, but there was a certain image associated with it, and while I by no means have the most extensive tarot collection, it is still a lot to sift through at 4 a.m. As I glanced at my bedside table, I realized that it was from the Robin Wood, which is not surprising, since I used that deck yesterday for my daily draw.

The thing is, this dream was vivid, intense, and I felt certain was meant to bring me a message about something. I look at the image, and what I see is a man watching boats sail away. I wonder if he is wishing them well, or bidding them good riddance. I am not exactly sure I do not consider them to be coming into harbor, but it is my feeling, at least today, that they are leaving. The dream was very peaceful, and mostly enjoyable.

I think the message for me is about work, and to just keep keeping on, that good things come to those who wait.

Image from the Robin Wood tarot.


  1. Or is he looking for his ship to come in? Sometimes that is the way I take this card... or sort of "don't miss they boat" if an opportunity arises.

  2. I think what you said about this card's message is true and it conveys it very well in its image, but also it says you have made a decision now you must trust it. Look at those boats, they are headed outwards, sailing away, not towards the man, they have to keep focused if they are to reach their destination, so perhaps this also says to you, trust in your decisions but remain focused for there is still work to be done!

    PS: I also like souljourney's alternative translation.

    These images in this deck are so readable!

  3. I think you're right in your analysis. The two of wands (RWS system) is about wanting the world, and the three is about trying to get it, imo.

    I can never decide if the boats are coming or going, but it doesn't really make any difference to me. If they're going, it indicates that the man's been successful in selling goods and if they're coming, then business is good as his orders are here for selling!

    I would say good things will come to you if you keep on working hard.

  4. Lovely reflection - thanks for sharing! I have tarot dreams too sometimes :)