Sunday, January 11, 2009

Daily Draw - Three Of Cups

Also known as the party hard card, right? Traditionally, this card should mean the celebration of the joy found in the Two of Cups, and although the figures in this card certainly seem to be enjoying themselves, I can't help but wonder if none of hem have noticed that they appear to be being consumed by a gigantic fish with very menacing teeth. It seems to me that they are so absorbed in their enjoyment of their drinks and each other that they are not paying attention to the very obvious threat that will soon be unavoidable. The female even appears to be so inebriated she is really living it up, dumping her drink on herself in reckless abandon.

This card couldn't possibly apply to me in any way, nope, not me, right? *innocent whistle*

Part of what I really love about this deck is that you can get the bright, sunshine-y meanings of the cards, if that is what you are meant to get, but, for me, at least, it doesn't let me hide behind those meanings. It gives me a mental backhand every now and then, if I should require it. Of course, the goal is to get to the point that figurative backhands should not be needed. Tarot helps with this, it really does.

As for me, I will take this card to mean to me today that I need to balance my enjoyment of the good things in life with the awareness of what is going on around me, and not let my love of little luxuries and having a good time (not just with alcohol, but in all areas) keep me from attending to the things I need to.

This was a good wake up call card for me, as I have drawn it in mid afternoon, and I have been lazing around all day, not really dealing with the pile of things I should do before I begin another busy week as a mom, student, not-really-a-waitress. I have been reading, sipping coffee, and allowing myself the very rare indulgence of a dark, clove-y cigarette. I have also distinctly been avoiding dealing with a couple of emotional attachment issues, having to do with The Man and a close male friend. Now that I look at the card again, there are two males and one female, hmm, all being devoured by something larger than themselves. Better to take this portion to my private journal, or I will have to not post it all, teehee.

The keywords I usually associate with this card are celebration, friendship, trust, and a general sense of well being in the community. Today, in this instance at least, I see it more as a call to be aware, and to go ahead and enjoy my friends and loved ones and indulgences, but not to the point that I get eaten by a gargantuan fish I should have seen was there.

One Card Reading - How Am I Harming My Own Self At Work?

(Note - I am shuffling the deck, and I suddenly feel shaky and distinctly nervous. My armpits have gotten sweaty, and I feel uncomfortable, which is usually a sign I NEED to hear what is coming, but that doesn't make me WANT to. However, a coward I am not, so here goes...)

Ahh, a mini Queen of Pentacles (MY card). What was I so scared of? A self assured women, happy with her little luxuries, confident to the point of near arrogance... oh wait... THERE it is, the cosmic nudge, or in this case, backhand I have come to expect from this deck.

I look at her arrogant posture, her self assurance, and although those are usually good things, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Confidence I have in spades (teehee, spades correspond to pentacles, at least I amuse myself) but there are definitely times when that comes across as arrogance, ego, and even *gasp* bossiness. Looks like I need to to be aware of the good parts of my personality swaying too far and becoming bad parts.

I also notice she has no arms, which could definitely relate to the way I have quietly, but steadfastly, been refusing to help the person who got the promotion that I felt should have been mine. I have not been cruel, or DONE anything, which indeed may be the problem. I certainly could lift a finger, or even all ten, and help her to succeed. I am not hindering her at the moment, but neither am I helping her, and really, at the end of the day that is not who I want to be, anyway.

Besides, I know I am only there for a little while. My real place in the world is a story teller, a stringer-together of words. To accept a promotion would be putting myself more permanently than I want to be, while I actually think the person it went to intends to make the company her career.

So I know what I have to do now. Tone down my confidence so that it is not nearly (nearly I said, not quite) arrogance, and help my friend to succeed.

These images are from the Deviant Moon tarot by Patrick Valenza.


  1. Wonder why she's got a wheel in place of a leg? Trying to run before she can walk, perhaps...?

  2. Good point, good point! That wouldn't be at all like me, not me, I can do ANYTHING I set out to do, right, the first time around, with no coaching at all.

    I am of course, being facetious, a bit *grin*

  3. Also she is wearing that black mask with large nose. Wonder what she is hiding? How did she get to where she is? Does she not want people to know the real her?

  4. Ouch...gonna have to consider that one, too. Great thought, souljourney!