Monday, January 12, 2009

Daily Draw - Seven of Pentacles

Firstly, I apologize for the blurry image. The scanner and I do not see eye to eye. Secondly, I just laugh at my Deviant Moon deck.

Today I drew the Seven of Pentacles, which is a cute little card in this deck, but I was concerned that I had some lingering energy from a series of one card readings I did last night that I was still thinking about. This card had popped up as the answer to why a family member I have not spoken to in years felt the need to contact me through MySpace. The answer I came to then was that she was just checking her harvest, so to speak, and I thought how the girl on the card appears to be holding out a branch, perhaps akin to the proverbial holding out the ol' olive branch. I then quickly noticed how she appeared to be drawing blood with her offering, and that would be typical of the woman in question I was thinking of.

So, the first time I drew this card as my daily draw today, I quickly replaced it, cleared the deck, and shuffled all over again. I got a tingling sensation in my fingertips and I took that to me to go ahead and flip the card, and look who had sought me out again - the Seven of Pentacles. So I had a little chuckle and decided to take a closer look.

Today I look at this card and I think to myself that sometimes, in order to maintain the integrity of our projects, we have to let a little blood out of them, so to speak. It is nearly time for me to resume classes for the semester, and I have been really debating whether I should take the full course load, on top of working full time, and on top of having a gaggle of kidlettes to care for, or if I should slow the pace and and take only two classes, the minimum I need to retain my scholarship status. I truly want to get through school, but I also want to do it well, and last semester was the first I had to work as well as go to school, and it was a fairly harrowing experience. I don't remember much of September, October, or November, and that is not how I want to live. I want to live with intention, enjoying each moment. If I keep plugging away at school, I will get there. I have to write a novel to graduate from the program anyway, and I am not sure I have the mental wherewithal to manage that with this full time work gig, anyway, so I believe I am resolved to go ahead and slow the pace of the classes a bit.

Images from the Deviant Moon by Patrick Valenza.


  1. Redrawing your daily draw... That's like cheating. LOL. Nice try.

  2. I am enjoying your readings!

    Don't you love it when tarot tells you like it is: "Uh-uh, uh, uh! I already told you once now..."

  3. I certainly enjoyed reading you interpretation of this card and of course I love the Deviant Moon deck!

  4. To souljourney - yeah I know. I wasn't so much trying to cheat but trying to be sure I had the right card. Survey says - yes, I did haha. It was a funny moment.

    Yes, Urieh, I got a another cosmic backhand *grin* "Listen to me now..."

    Thanks for stopping by, Helen! I like reading your thoughts, too!

  5. Looks like a good reading: it is always good to slow down in service to family.

  6. Thanks, Karl Thomas! I'm sure my kids would appreciate getting home cooked meals even while I am taking classes, and the occasional day out in the sunshine!