Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Daily Draw - Judgment


Just kidding. That's my flair for the dramatic popping up there.

So , I look at this card today, and I see the people seem to be welcoming, cringing, and begging the judging angel for something, alternately. As to me, I have been all of those people at some point or another. Today, I feel like I am begging my boss for the hours I was promised, the ones that work with my kids' schedule, not against it. I hate feeling like I have to beg.

Knowing what I know about Judgment, and how on the fence I have been about whether to stay at this job, or look for something better, or more suited to my particular talents and needs, I think it is time for me to make a decision and stand by it. If I am going to leave, I need to do so now, so I can stop being miserable and nervous all the time. If I am going to stay, I need to make peace with that and figure out how to not be miserably nervous there. I chose this job out of a handful of possibilities, and I have had a hand in making the situation what it is, possibly by being too anxious to please so I just say "yes" when I should say "no". I can make choices every day, every single moment, about my attitude and how I will react to things. That is where true liberation lies.

I think Judgment can be a tricky card. The tarot books that are all sunshine and puppies would have you think that it is always positive, but the very word "judgment" personally gives me a chill. I much dislike having to live under it, and it is one of my character flaws that I most desire to banish.

In other tarot news, today I received The Faeries Oracle, which I thought was just gonna be fluff, but initial readings appear to be something more. I generally do better with cards that I can look at and interpret the meaning, but these are much more intuitive type reading cards, so I am looking forward to working with them and seeing if I can't stretch the old intuition out some.

One card in particular just kept jumping out at me and demanding to be looked at. Sylvanius- the book describes him as Truth. Cutting Through Deception. Clarity. I could definitely use some clarity right now, but that pesky Judgment card up there reminds me that the choice about seeking it is always in my own hands, and there is a consequence whether we consciously make that choice or just let it default.

Images from the Deviant Moon by Patrick Valenza and The Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud.


  1. Seems these two cards are very similar to me. On some level I almost prefer oracle decks. I can't believe I'm saying that... but it's true.
    In today's economy... get a new job... then quit this one seems to be a better idea than it used to be. Good luck with the job hunting.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these cards. Judgment has been popping up for me quite a bit lately as well... It IS a difficult space - I don't care what anybody says... Best of luck with your choices! Love, Lisa

  3. The faeries and I have had a long relationship! So pretend they're actual faeries. Listen to them. That's the best way to get messages from this oracle deck.
    But be careful! Like most of us who've used them, you might just actually begin to believe they're real!! LOL

  4. Hi Manda, I often think that the Judgement card when it appears can offer us the opportunity for a breakthough, the chance perhaps to re-evaluate the past and consolidate that knowledge so that a new beginning can occur and with it a better understanding of our situation. I also sometimes think its message can be about exploring more your spiritual needs in order to balance up one's physical world.

    The old angel keeps blowing that horn doesn't she, but do we hear is the big question lol.

    I like the Judgement card especially the Deviant Moon one, I wrote a little piece about it for the TAG Magazine (Tarot Guild of Australia).
    I love the way the Angel is blasting them with her horn, she really does want them to hear doesn't she!

  5. I like Helen's view of Judgement. It's never been I card I particularly like, I often wonder if it could be too harsh in it's judging. I've never had any experience of this, it's just a little something that's always niggled me.

  6. Thanks for the great comments, folks!

    souljourney - You;re right, getting a new job would be the prudent thing to do, but I am not so prudent at times. My true desire is to solely earn my income though writing, and Ray Bradbury said, "First you jump off the cliff and you build wings on the way down." It's hard to balance that artist's spark with the needs of three kids.

    Hi, Lisa! Yeah, Judgment is kinda persnickety, huh? I hope it is coming up for you as the bearer of good things!

    Roxanne/faunabay - I am so glad I got the Faeries, and so are my kids! All three of them seem drawn to this deck, and it seems I am going to have to invest in three more copies of it! I fell asleep while fiddling with the cards, and I had faeries flitting through my dreams all night. What a pleasure! I can't believe it took me so long to discover a deck everyone else seems to have.

    Helen - those are really insightful comments! As much on the go as I am, that card could definitely be calling me to slow it down and attend a bit more to my spiritual self. Then I would be in a better position to actualize my hopes, wouldn't I?

    Hi, Hils! I am glad you don't feel under judgment, so to speak. It's a tight spot to be, haha. I never seem to like the Heirophant, either, although in the Fenestra he is softer, more spiritual it seems, not as harsh.

  7. Great job with the reading for your son. That was really important!