Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Soul Spread

This reading is inspired by Angelo Nasios' Soul Spread and I decided to do it with the Vanessa Tarot because it amuses me to juxtapose the seriousness of this kind of reading with the cuteness of this deck.  It's also a chatty little thing, I am discovering!

I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind as I pulled these cards.

1.  Logos – The rational thing, the truth of the matter, what can be learned?  Six of Coins- It's just money, easy come and easy go.  It ain't making me or breaking me to have it, because I don't treat it like the sum total of my existence.  I am who I am with or without the bling, and money is just a tool to get by.

2.  Thymos – The motivation behind everything, what you seek to gain?  Knight of Cups- I want to make sure everyone I love feels loved, and for some people, that requires stuff, which requires money.

3.  Eros – The self-gratification aspect, what you desire right now, the thing that should be controlled/limited.  Nine of Coins- All those little luxuries I feel like I deserve, well for now they need to be regulated to "luxury" status.  Dear Starbucks, I'll see you in September, okay?  Let absence make the heart grow fonder...

I also want to be all independent, like I used to be when I was a single gal, but I am not a single gal .  I am wed to my own personal Knight of Cups and he likes to take care of me and I hurt him when I pull away and try to act all like I don't need him.

The Coins in this reading reinforce the money theme, and the Knight of Cups in between shows the balance between love and money, and how sometimes it gets all mixed up in our heads and our hearts.  I think the first card, the Six of Coins, really struck a chord with me because I want two things pictured in that card.  First, to be able to give that freely and nonchalantly, and secondly, to have that freedom of trust in the provision of the Universe.

These cards are from the Vanessa Tarot by Lynard Narciso for US Games.

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  1. What an interesting deck. I saw Angelo's video on the Soul Spread. I must try that out. :)