Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Daily Draw - Lovers, Ten of Pentacles, Three of Swords

Crystal Visions Tarot- Lovers, Ten of Pentacles, Three of Swords

To me, these cards embody the phrase, "Do what you love and the money will follow."

The Lovers are about love, of course they are, but the card also represents the choices we make, and its' advice is to follow your own heart.  The Ten of Pentacles is success, on a material plane, and enjoying rich rewards well deserved.  The Three of Swords, again, with dark words on dark wings.  I think this card is a reminder to me that my idealization only brings me pain.  I  have to live in each moment and enjoy it for what it is, not what I wish it were.  Ultimately, it is a hard lesson but God always knows best.  I think I know best, but part of my lessons here are to let go and let God, not to be trite, but I struggle so much for control and I only end up mucking things up that way.

Often, I just let my daily draws tell me whatever they may, but today I had a specific thought in my head, "What will be the result of throwing myself into this card reading thing for business?"  Of course, I don't like the thought of that Three of Swords, but really that is exactly the point- attachment to an outcome causes sorrow, but openness to whatever Spirit has to give leads to fulfillment.  I see doing what I love, making a conscious choice to go with what I love, to follow my heart, even though that does not necessarily lead to a secure paycheck, but it does reap rewards that are beyond money.  And even though there are richer rewards in life than cash, the grocery store seems to prefer the cold hard dollar, and the Ten of Pentacles, with the castle waiting for her to return home, promises that, too.  The catch is, not without pain, of some sort, and since Swords deal with thoughts and communications, I think it must mean mental anguish of some sort.  There is also this- although pierced through the heart with those wicked Swords, she has not fallen.  She refuses to.  She continues on, through pain and through tears and ice and snow, and doing what you love requires you to be strong, sometimes.

Crystal Visions Tarot- King of Cups
The shadow card is the King of Cups, the patriarch of the suit that deals with emotions.  He is the oldest and most mature of the Cups court, and when he shows up he advises emotional maturity.He's balanced, firmly in this world, but not of it, not so serious about himself he can't get his feet wet, but not blithely splashing about, oblivious to his obligations.  Elementally speaking, he is the passion and immediacy of fire, mixed with the coolness and depth of water.  He urges me to embody those traits, to seek my natural balance, to feel what I need to feel, but not to let it unhinge me, so that I can focus heart and soul on the work that needs me.

These cards are from Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Galasso for U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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