Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Luna's Day

Mondays are Moon days for me, as you probably know if you have read for long at all.  I draw The Moon every Monday, and I almost think it is a cosmic joke, or something I am unconsciously doing because I just expect to now.  There are worse things that can happen, so for now I just take it that the Moon has some powerful messages for me that I am sifting through, and that is just all right with me.

Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery- Luna (The Moon)
This is a Moon card that gives me something to hold onto, unlike most Moon cards which are all silvery light, slinking shadows, and ethereal hopes that can be glimpsed, but never really held.

I want to share creator Robert M. Place's thoughts on this card because he is such a good writer, why should I try to explain it better?  "Luna- the Moon- attempts to connect the depths of the sea with the sky.  The sea is the unconscious mind, and the sky is the superconscious mind.  Luna is a mermaid, a figure at home in both water and air.  She is Venus, Diana, and the Soul of Reason.  The lower souls have become her merhounds and she brings them with her.  This card represents the night, rest, retreat, preparation, and dreams."

I think it is staggeringly important to realize that the Soul of Reason, the connection between conscious and unconscious, has brought the lower souls of Appetite and Will with her.  She has not drowned them.  She has taught them to exist in her element, under her rule.  In my mind, this is such an important idea because I believe so strongly that those shadow parts of ourselves, what we want to pretend isn't there, what we are not proud of, are things that need to be loved, integrated, skeletons in the closet that should be taught to dance.

In this rendition, she is both Water and Air, deep emotions and deep clarity about those emotions.  So many times we want to put ourselves into a box- "I'm a thinker" "I'm a feeler" when really we are everything at every moment and our job is to ride the waves wherever they take us and let our expressions flow freely.

This card is from The Tarot of The Sevenfold Mystery self published by Robert M. Place and available here.

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