Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chariot Reversed, Or You're Not Going Anywhere, Punk!

I'm leaving on a jet plane.  Don't know when I'll be back again... 

Actually, I do.  Monday.

But last night I had a reading at Denver Tarot Meetup that suggested my trip might not go as smoothly as I would like it to.  The Chariot decided to be reversed in the physical aspects part of the spread, and while my reader was a newbie to tarot, I totally believe the reading is valid regardless of the experience level of the reader.  My question was if she could tell me what I might need to know about the upcoming trip to San Francisco.  She could, in fact, and the first card that showed itself was the Chariot... reversed (cue level down music).

Since I believe I make my fate, and not the cards, I asked my Wisdom of the Hidden Realms oracle to show me where the problem might lay.

The Dragon's Duel card definitely resonates with my inner conflict.  I am not an easy traveler, being excessively home bodied.  I also feel guilty about using our resources for a trip that is really mostly just for me.  The Man will go, happily, as he is a traveling Sadge, but I feeeeeel bad.  I am just not sure that what I want is what is right for my family in this precise moment, and I have women's disease so I think it all comes down to me; I am responsible for everyone, everyone's happiness depends on how I perform in all my sundry roles, I need to perfect.  I'll bet some of you have it, too.  (But you shouldn't.  You are fabulous!)

Then I asked what was my best advice to combat that feeling- The Chess Queen.  This is an advice card, so I can read it positively.  I need to trust that I have made the right decision, trust that my kidtauplets and pets are gonna be just fine, trust that we are going to have a good time and be blessed with this mini vacation.

I also need to make a plan, for packing and all the other logistics, because there is comfort in having a plan.  Plans should be flexible, but in general are pretty darn good to have.

And if I successfully enact the advice of the Chess Queen, what will my outcome be?  The Ice Queen.  This was another troublesome card, because it feels like non-movement as well, just like that dastardly Chariot reversed, and I need movement.  I need to move like 1500 miles tomorrow!  I did not like that card at all, and so I drew another- (this is standard operating procedure, right?)

The Arrow Master, and then I got it!  I am going to get what I want, this trip, this time away with The Man and this tarot learning greatness, but I need to detach myself from expected outcomes.  I want everything to be perfect, and flow perfectly, and we are hosting a dear friend as a roommate while we are out there, and so I feel responsible for her happiness in this trip as well, and I need not to.  I need to make myself like the Ice Queen, the Queen of Swords, who cares and loves and does her best, but does not beat herself up over the little ways things can go sideways.

So, trust- check!
Plan- check!
Detachment- sorta check!
Going on a much anticipated trip to a beautiful place- definitely check!

These cards are Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid for Hay House.


  1. My 2 cents! ;) (I loooove this deck!)

    The Chess Queen could be advising you that you need to think strategically - how will you 'organize' your house so that your family can do without you for a few days. Will the kids have access to what they need easily? If they need help, do they know who they can talk to? Not simply trust, but make sure things are as good as you can leave them so there will be as few worries as possible. Prepare - and help other to prepare.

    The Ice Queen may be simply telling you that if you follow the Chess Queen's advice, nothing will happen. Things will simply stay stable until you come back. No chaos, no changes.

    The Arrow Master reminds you to keep mind your objectives - what do you want from this trip? What do you wish to accomplish? Can you accomplish if you mind is somewhere else? You have to detach yourself from the thoughts that keep you from reaching what you want.
    Once you plan and leave everything ready, detach yourself from what could go WRONG, and concentrate on what you can make RIGHT.

    I hope this give you some food for thought! <3

  2. Thank you for your extra thoughts, Marina! They are most welcome, as I read oracles so rarely and am so reliant on the structure of tarot for my readings.

    I had to make a different plan for the children, and on the fly, but it all turned out all right in the end. I think that is one of my weakest points- planning, and that is true of all areas of my life. One more little lesson learned about its' importance, though.

    Your interpretation of the Ice Queen turned out to be spot on- nothing at all happened while we were gone, which is the best news of all.

    I had to focus right then and right there, and it all went so fast I was glad I had the memory of the advice and your interpretation of the Arrow Master, to be in each moment, to focus utterly on the grand plan.

    Thank you soooooo much for adding in your thoughts! They are and were much appreciated!

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