Friday, August 19, 2011

Daily Draw - Nine of Swords, The Emperor, Ace of Wands

These cards speak a fairly clear story to me today.

The order that the Emperor is capable of bringing out of the chaos of my Nine of Swords anxiety will free the creativity of the Ace of Wands.

This is a powerful message for me today because I just decided to run my life a little differently than I have been to this point.  My schedule is loose and free flowing, generally, and as much as I enjoy that kind of schedule, it may not be the best way for me to be productive.  So this week I had a firm "butt in chair at 9 am" policy that has worked quite well.  I managed to get my exercise and breakfast in before, though I am still in pjs now at 3:30 pm.  Clearly my dressing routine needs a bit of refinement, but writing is happening, tarot readings are happening, and while my family is my first priority, these run a close second.

Like many people, I struggle against what I perceive as the stricture of the Emperor, but there is a reason to impose order, at times, and I am beginning to realize it more and more.  Of course no one wants to be manhandled by an iron fisted fascist, but there is more to this guy than that.  In this reading, he is the gatekeeper, dividing me against myself where I need it most, the protector, too.

Update, August 24, 2011:  It has been a rough weekend for me.  I have developed some weird stomach condition that feels  like heartburn or acid reflux, and I NEVER have had that before so figuring out what it felt like was step one, but it is constant so it can't be that, either.  I am working on figuring it out and started a whole body cleanse because I think married life has wreaked havoc with my previously pretty good diet of very little processed food and lots of grains and plants.  The big worry on the brain is getting to the Bay Area Tarot Symposium, which I am to leave for in a couple days and being well so that I can learn lots of tarot things and enjoy a mini vacation with The Man and my friend.

These cards are from the Paulina Tarot by Paulina Cassidy for U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


  1. Wow, that's very disciplined of you. Congratulations! The dressing routine bit made me giggle - I'd do that, too, if there weren't people in and out of our house all the time over the holidays :)

  2. I finally got up at gone 4pm (ugh), and only just had a bath - at 1:30am. I haven't had any tea or anything. The emperor is my birth card, and I'm terrible now, where motivation is concerned - organization flew out of my house, a long time ago.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog the other night; I meant to respond before I closed it up for a while. <3

  3. Hi Mandy--Your post sounded all too friend and I were just talking about how we've been sort of unproductive lately and in a brain fog. Well Venus entered Virgo this morning so hopefully that will help everyone get back to the practical side of life and get back to getting things done :-)

  4. Well, the children have gone back to school, which makes me here alone all day long! I can get away with it, on those days that I must :)

    Hiya, Angela! That is quite all right. I'll look forward to your writing when youa re ready to share again. I am terrible with organization, terrible. It's because we are artists, right? RIGHT?

    Hello, StrangeAsAngels! I hope that Venus in Virgo thing will help!