Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Showcase- Songs For The Journey Home

As I get ready to leave San Francisco BATS today I am featuring an aptly named deck, Songs For The Journey Home.  This one hails from down under, Australia, and as soon as I heard the name I had to have it.  I didn't care what the pictures looked like.  It turned out I got lucky, because the cards are just as lovely as the name.  I received this deck from a lovely fellow blogger and tarot enthusiast who decided to take matters into her own hands and rustle up an order when we could not find any locally, and I will be forever grateful because this deck is a shining jewel in my collection.

I love the round cards, which are not clones of Waite Smith images, which makes sense since nowhere on the box does the deck claim to be tarot, though the structure IS there.  The beautiful, soft, warm and gentle pictures really showcase the shining spirits of the deck creators, one of whom sadly passed away last year.  I am sure she was sang home gently, though, if these images are any indicator of the kind of life she led.

These cards come from Songs For The Journey Home lovingly created by Dwariko von Sommaruga and Catherine Cook.

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  1. Hello Mandy Sue, many thanks indeed for your warm words about Songs for the Journey Home. Yes beloved Dwariko had such a richly colourful, creative life and I was so blessed to be her friend and to share the happiness of creatng our book and card set. I miss her every day and yet so much of her wit and wisdom are still with me and those with whom she was connected. At long last I'm in the process of getting the cards sorted ready for distribution - just taking a break from sorting as I write - so many memories as I pick up each card. Soon the website will be active again with a designated email address. Until then I can be reached at my apologies and heartfelt thanks to all the fans of this set who have waited so long to access it again.
    with warm wishes,