Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Showcase- Tarot de Marseille ISIS Version

A whispered buzz in the tarot community had me all agog early on for this deck, and I will never regret its' purchase.  Bringing Tarot de Marseilles into modern times... I am down!

It is everything a Marseilles tradition deck should be - stately, rich, elegant.  Self published in Japan, it is a joy to shuffle and merely look through, too.

Lots of other tarot writers have become enamored of this deck as well:  See Le Fanu, who tends to be my ultimate enabler, and has written a rave review, Alex Satin whose engaging post first brought the deck to my attention, Mr. La-Luna whose collection makes me green with envy, and Bonnie Cehovet who added another dimension with her review.

These cards are the Tarot de Marseilles, ISIS Version, produced by Tadahiro Onuma.

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  1. I just happened upon this post and had to have it so I ordered mine tonight. I'm looking forward to receiving it. Thanks for the heads up.