Friday, August 26, 2011

Daily Draw - Knight of Cups, Judgment, Four of Swords

Good morning from much-cooler-than-Colorado northern California!

Today these cards show how I procrastinate at times, running away from what I should be doing, like the naughty Knight of Cups, and how sometimes I need a pretty big wake up call, like we see in Judgment, and how that often leaves me having painted myself into a corner, or trapped and gnawing at my own paw like the fox in the Four of Swords.  These cards are so over the top, with the fleeing Knight, the angel of Judgment with his puffed up cheeks and eyes squeezed tight as he blows that horn as hard as he can so there can be no doubt it's time to get up, and the sad little fox, so clever but still caught.

A good example of this is the trip to San Francisco.  I have known for at least six months when it would be, where it would be, that I was going, and what I needed to pack.  Did I deal with any of that?  No, I did not.  I was frantically packing the morning of, and The Man was frustrated with me, as he should have been.  I was also frantic about leaving kids and pets, when a little more advance planning would have set my mind at ease, so I ended up with a big mess of my own making.  I set my own trap and put my paw right in it.

Judgment is one of those cards that I often dread seeing for other people when I read for them, as it really doesn't say much of anything to me for most other people, but in my personal readings it is almost always a call to reminder of paying attention to my spiritual health and practices.  Perfectionism and procrastination are two sides of the same coin, and one way the monkey mind occupies itself when I give it time to.  Judgment is usually a not so gentle prodding to me to get my spiritual affairs back in order, to pay attention to what I am telling myself, and to meditation if I have let it slide, which I almost always have when this card appears.

These cards are from the Tarot of Durer published by Lo Scarabeo.

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