Sunday, August 28, 2011

Daily Draw - Four of Swords, Ten of Swords, Two of Rings

New week, new deck!  Today I will begin using the Twilight Realm: A Tarot of Faery by Beth Wilder, published by Schiffer Books.

The Four of Swords and the Two of Rings, which equates to Pentacles, seem to look on the battlefield of the Ten of Swords.  At least one person chose not to enter the battle, as we see in the Four of Swords his weapon waiting.  The elf in the Two of Rings presumably has some powers, and is waiting on the sidelines before exercising them.  Would the Ten of Swords outcome have been changed by either of them taking action?

Without a doubt, it is important to choose our battles carefully, but also without a doubt some of them have to be fought.  For me, these cards are addressing a situation in which I have left my sword at the wayside far too long, and it is time to bring it forth, for better or for worse.  The Two of Rings symbolizes to me a secret weapon I have, that while small, could be the turning point of the figurative battle.  Because of the mushrooms, which are kept in the dark and fed manure, I feel this is going to go on and on until I actually do something about it.

If I view this reading through the lens of my Majors card for the week,  The Star, I see that there is plenty of hope for the situation, but some action needs to be taken as well.

These cards are from Twilight Realm: A Tarot of Faery by Beth Wilder for Schiffer Books.

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