Monday, June 21, 2010

Daily Draw - Hanged One, Empress, Three of Pentacles

This week I am working with the Transparent Tarot by Emily Carding for Schiffer Books.  This is a favorite deck of mine, and one I will never be without.  This deck offers more than a quirk of tarot, but is a genuine evolution in the way cards can be read.  I adore this deck, to say the least.

This morning I have The Hanged One, The Empress, and the Three of Pentacles, which are, of course, all 3's.  Threes are now, and their energy leaves no room for compromise.  The Empress as Mother Nature, as Spirit upon the waters of creation, is incredibly immediate and intimate.  The Hanged One is just as focused, but inward rather than outward.  The Empress bursts with exuberance, love, and creative energy, and the Hanged One focuses those same feelings inward.  Both work for great change.  The World is the manifestation of these inner and outer changes reaching completion and perfection.  In the Minor Arcana, the Threes are all intense as well, and right now - the Wands with the ships hurtling towards shore bringing something long awaited, the joy and celebration of the Cups, the heartbreak of the Swords, and the hands on work in progress of the Pentacles.

The Hanged One speaks of sacrifice, both willing and not, and of staying in one place, whether for good of stability as a lesson is learned or for stagnation.  The correlation to Odin on the Tree of Life, and Jesus on the cross, is strong, and justified.  Historically, the card probably also referred to shame and self recrimination, as the first decks would have seen the Hanged Man as a traitor or criminal.  The cocoon imagery in this card reminds me of the more positive aspects of this card, and while I can't imagine it is either comfortable or painless for a caterpillar to transform, we all know it is for the greater good.  A worm, lowest of creatures, confined to the dirt and shadows, becomes a butterfly, a beautiful flyer, who lives on the nectar of beauty.  The butterfly is one of the reasons I am certain God has a sense of humor, and a mighty fine one at that.

My Hanged One energy manifests as I learn to let go of what once was everything, even though I don't want to, and even though it hurts.  As I learn to release what I want in favor of what I need, as I accept that growing pains are very real and unavoidable, I come closer to the day I can burst forth from the cocoon and spread my wings.

The Empress is Mother, and there is no way around that.  I come from a religious belief that often downplays the feminine aspect of the Divine, but the Church is full of humans and subject to human error and lapse of judgment.  The Empress is the nurturing, creative aspect of God, the Goddess who loves Her children and cares for them in abundance.  She embodies the Spirit of creation, dancing across the first few verses of Genesis, the birth of a beautiful world, created in love and joy.  She knows no shortages and denies Her children nothing that is good for them.

And she is love, love without end and with no conditions.

The Three of Pentacles is work, hands-getting-dirty-it's-gotta-get-done-no-one-wants-to-hear-yer-excuses-let's-just-git-'er-done work.  Traditional images often portray artistry as well, but everyone who creates anything knows that you throw away a lot of rough drafts before you get to the masterpiece.  And that is how it should be.

These cards together create a poignant picture for me today.  I see my shame, my self doubt, and I see love and compassion as well.  I have to suffer right now, and God(dess) has to allow me to.  It is for my own greater good, and it is done with that in mind, not a vindictive glee that so many people see God as taking in their pain.  I also see that transformation sometimes takes physical steps.  So many times the ways we are changing are internal, but the physical act of changing our habits and the things we do is an important piece, as well.  I need to work hard, and not just on my mind, but on my body and my surroundings as well.  I won't be left alone, and She will meet me, but there are some steps I have to take on my own as well.

I see myself, offering my pain and my willing sacrifice, willingly submitting to what has to be, in trust and in love.  I don't have to take joy in it, probably am not able to, but I can do this, and in the doing can expect an alchemical reaction that triggers my butterfly transformation.

These images are from the Transparent Tarot by Emily Carding for Schiffer Books.


  1. This is a neat deck concept! I saw this a while back and wondered how it read!

  2. Hiya, Celeste! Well, keep watching because I am going to make a true effort to post regularly with this deck. I think it reads like a dream, and I <3 <3 <3 this deck.