Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Star (full frontal nudity)

So I have discovered that when my life is in the toilet, I don't like to post.  I don't want to inflict it upon y'all.  And my life has been in the toilet.  So no posting.  But I have taken Dr. Phil's advice and pulled myself up by my bootstrap.  Son.  Or am faking it til I make it.  Or something.  Definitely something.

This lady has been stalking me lately, but you won't hear any complaints from me.  Not just because she is stunning, either.

The universal symbol of hope, The Star is.  "Starlight, star-bright, first star I see tonight..."  We all know that childhood rhyme, like a mantra or a prayer when the first star would peek through the twilight curtain.

She offers healing, too, this goddess come to earth during the magic time when the veil between the worlds is thin.  Healing that I drink up like a desert flower parched for moisture.

This card is from the Druidcraft Tarot.


  1. Nice to see you back posting Manda!

    I love the nakedness of the Star card, it always speaks to me of being more relaxed, more comfortable and more self confident. When you see her there hiding nothing from the world it sorta says she is more than ready and able to accept herself as she is - her world is once again filled with optimism and hope.

    I hope you world is now a better place for you to be in.

  2. Thank you, Helen! It's nice to be seen.

    I am not a fan a clothed stars, either. I like the nakedness, the rawness, and that is okay. SO many times I feel like an bundle of raw, exposed nerves, but acceptance would go so far to ease that.

    I am changing my world in the ways I can, and trying to change myself when I can't change the world. Thank you for your kind words!

  3. Nice to see you in my google reader again. :) <3

    I've been posting, sad or not, in the daily draws. I didn't think many people checked out that forum, and then I saw the number jump significantly, from my "1" overnight. *gulp* I posted there, partly because of the privacy (compared to the blog) and for the PDR this year, but I fell into a groove and just jumped around different threads, as I did last year.
    I'm tempted to go and edit everything out, but I want to transfer them to a private blog, or print them first.

    I'm sorry your life has been in the toilet.

  4. I also keep meaning to check out an older post of yours, about the MIA friend. I hope they're okay.

  5. Hi, Angela! You're shy, and that's okay. Not everyone who blogs needs to share everything with the world. What I have read of yours is poignant, and beautiful, but if you feel better keeping it private, that is what is right for you. Do save it all, though!

    Life in the toilet is part of the Wheel of Fortune. It's all good. I don't enjoy it, no one is supposed to enjoy those life in the toilet moments (or months, as it were) but they come and since you can't just sleep through them I try to learn. My problems are not so different than most other peoples- love affair gone wrong, teenager, never enough money, too much work, not enough dreaming. It's nothing special :)