Monday, June 21, 2010

Is It Just Me? (Adult Content)

Is it just me or do these cards seem to be advising a hot hook up?  By which I mean, casual, random sex.  Or maybe it is just my hormones talking?  This has never been my habit, but that was the first thing I thought of when I saw these cards.

The Wheel - changing fortunes, getting lucky, randomness

The Devil - lust, baser instincts, bondage  ( I have had the Devil come up in a positive way for people as advice to cut loose a little, to go ahead and be a little selfish.)

Ace of Wands - raw, fiery energy, burning passion.  I think the imagery speaks for itself as to why I thought it might allude to sex, and if you don't see it, maybe I am not the one who needs to get a little.  *grin*

Maybe the Politically Incorrect Tarot Readings are seeping a little too far into my psyche, or maybe I am comfortable with my cards and they can tell me these kinds of things.  Or maybe this was just funny.

Oh, the question was, what can I best do to distract myself from my heartache?  And was asked last week.

I hope you all laughed as much as I did.

PS - I didn't do it!

These images are from the Illuminated Tarot.  This one is the medium, with glitter, beautifully produced by Carol Herzer.


  1. Laugh--that is great. I think you should do it!

  2. Haha! I would, but I think I am too old for all that. And definitely too soft and likely to think I have fallen in love with some guy that was just good in bed. Or more my luck, not even good in bed :-)

    Actually, for me, sex is just too intimate to experience outside of a close, committed relationship. No judgment on anyone, just what is good for me.

    But that reading was just too funny to me!