Friday, September 9, 2011

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Intuitive Tarot- King of Discs, Knight of Swords, Six of Swords

After what can only be described as a craptastic weekend I decided I was too emotionally wiped to be of much good to anyone, plus I did not get my images uploaded and didn't get my posts done before I left, so I just took the week off.  I was days behind anyway, and really, did not have anything nice or non passive aggressive to write.  What became clear to me is that people are not always who you think they are and that hurt my heart, more for The Man than me, because I don't think he has really encountered that before.  Me, I am an old pro at recognizing assholes and systematically eliminating them from my life.

I am ready to blog again, though.

These cards are probably for The Man.  He tends to be the King of Discs in my readings, and I think he has been the most shook by the events of the week.  He looks right towards the Knight of Swords, who is archetypal warrior energy, and my honey sure had a lot of that to deal with over the long weekend and the days that followed.  Impulsive people, thoughts not tempered with compassion.  The Knight of Swords has his face mask pulled down tight.  No one is going to look in his eyes, no one is getting anywhere near his heart.  The Six of Swords is achingly poignant.  Because the steering figure has white hair, like the turbaned King of Discs, I have the feeling the it is the same fellow.  He is taking those that wanted to hop on his boat somewhere else, somewhere they can leave the combative Knight of Swords behind.  The banks are steep, and there is nowhere for them to land their boat, at the moment, so there is no choice but to follow the river wherever it may lead, and trust that this part of the journey serves a purpose as well.  One of the big things about the Six of Swords for me is this- we may not enjoy the journey, we may have to be drug away kicking and screaming, but we have to go sometimes.
Intuitive Tarot- High Priestess

The shadow card for this reading is the High Priestess.  Her appearance in that position for me is a signal that I can't know everything about the situation I am reading for, that my information is incomplete, and so any conclusions I may draw could be flawed as a result.  She also promises to reveal all, according the the divine plan that I am not always privy to, so that is rather comforting, looked at in the right light.  I just have to wait on her good pleasure, and to be honest, only part of this reading is any of my business anyway.

She also probably speaks to the parts of the reading that are about me.  I am unknown, I am unknown factor in this, and while the High Priestess is fairly cool and aloof as she sits on her throne, we can never forget she becomes Hecate, the dark side of the moon.

These images are from the Intuitive Tarot by Cilla Conway, published by St. Martin's Press.


  1. I went into a vent last weekend, and ended up wishing I hadn't posted it, worried that I might have offended people, when it was mainly about two people (for different reasons). One knows about the blog, so it was a warning to them to not contact me, acting like a guru. I'm not even getting anything out of my cards anymore - I haven't for a good part of the year. :(

    I'm sorry your weekend was bad. I thought I was good at sorting out the a-holes, as well, but I fell into the trap of seeing the best in someone, and ignoring red flags. (More than one person, actually - that's part of what had me such a mess.) I asked how your weekend was, because I remembered you saying something about feeling a little nervous, unless I for that confused with a previous post.

  2. So sorry about your awful weekend! Augh. I had an kind of awful weekend but more on the physical level, though it seemed to infect my mood--weird lingering flu and pink eye on top of it basically ruined a 4-day weekend with my hubby. OY. Ah well. It's not the end of the world.

    I hope this coming week brings a lot better conditions for you!


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