Monday, July 2, 2012

Daily Draw- Knight of Pentacles, Six of Cups, King of Pentacles

Dark Fairytale Tarot- Knight of Pentacles, Six of Cups, King of Pentacles

Today's cards fairly sing a love song to me, though this is not my story to tell.  This is my husband's story, as he is nearly always the King of Pentacles in my readings.  He is a double Sagittarius, Sun and Moon, so you would expect to exude far more fire energy than he does, to be a Knight of Wands, but no, he is the staid and loyal King of Pentacles, probably owing to his Ascendent Capricorn.  The Pentacles in this deck have a warm energy to them, though, orange to denote them where I would expect green.

These cards are about us in our younger days, and how we came to be the kind of people who were ready to live inside our own love story.  The Knight is his younger self, not the King yet, but on his way to getting there.  He rides through the landscape, wolves hot on his heels, the grasping hands of the undead reaching for his hot life as he hurdles past.  He was always who he is today, but younger, and like most of us, not entirely sure what he wanted or how to get there.  A bit impulsive anyway, giving himself over to people who just did not understand him or want to allow him to be who he really is.  That is a mistake many young women make, myself among them, to try to mold our partners into what we thought we wanted, instead of letting the right one just naturally make his way to us.

The Six of Cups is me, always reaching for something that was out of my reach, and never noticing what was right in front, mine for the taking, if I would have it.  For most of my younger life, I had an ideal of what love looked like that had very little to do with the reality, which is actually far sweeter than I let myself imagine.  I had a Bad Boy addiction going on, and I loved to think I could turn those bad boys around, make them make me feel the way they did the first time.  I needed to learn to live in and appreciate the present, instead of always grasping at some unreachable past.  The grasping theme ties the first two cards together, and leads us to the third card.

The King of Pentacles is reaching, not grasping, for whatever he desires will come to him.  The Pentacle has moved to his right hand and is still hot to the touch, though he bears it with aplomb, but it is no longer the flaming, unpredictable thing he carried with him in his youth.  The fire in him is now tempered, now usable, instead of driving him.  He has matured into the very essence of who he always was, distilled and refined and thoroughly, irrevocably him, and as I have matured as well, now we are ready to be married, to live life together, now we are mature enough to understand a single day does not define a life together, and that what we are together is more than the sum of the parts of the relationship.

Dark Fairytale Tarot- Magician
The Shadow Card, a bit of hidden insight to the reading, shows up as The Magician, who strikes me as the Knight in more casual clothing, with the same hands grasping at him.  We have been accused, or teased, depending on who is doing the talking, about having had this love affair for all of the 18+ years we have known each other.  He and I often joke that we wish we had been this happy together for all that time, that we wish we could have forgone the trials and tribulations that we went through before we learned to lean on each other.  The thing is, though, those fires tempered both of us, made us into the people who were ready to love selflessly.  I know I wasn't able to do that as my younger self, not for him, not for anyone, but possibly  my kids.  Having known him that long, I don't think he was ready to be the kind of husband I needed, either, not until he had his heart broken and put back together again.  While of course I wish we had been this happy all this time, I wouldn't change a thing about how it came to pass.  We were free and clear to be together when it happened, and we were ready to love each other properly.  The Magician does not grant us wishes, but he does show us how we might make them come true for ourselves.  The price is always what the desire is worth, because The Magician is a shrewd trader.

The shadow aspect of The Magician, trickster as he is, shows the times we came close, but not quite, to being what we are today, in the past.  As much as I would have liked to have loved him my whole life, neither of us were free to pursue that before, and to do so would have tarnished what we have together today.  While I think I have probably loved him all of my adult life, while I think he feels the same, it is better for us that we did not begin a romantic relationship amid turmoil and the ugliness that cheating creates.  It is better that everything that has passed between us has been pure, sacred, holy, and rooted deeply in love and passion.  And while I today I think it took too long, I am grateful to be half of this union, and I would not trade a single aspect of what my husband is, what we are together, for anything.

In a twist of synchronicity, Lisa is also talking about the Knight of Pentacles today.  See her take on dating one, you'll smile, probably even laugh out loud, if you know any Knights of Pentacles.  She is always good tarot reading!

These cards are from Dark Fairytale Tarot by Rafaele De Angelis, published by Lo Scarabeo.


  1. Not seen this deck before... will have to check it out! Thanks for sharing, Mandy.

    1. I can't decide if I am repulsed by it or if I love it to pieces. Time will tell!

    2. lol! i know what you mean. i've had decks like that... :P